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Boomer is no more

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    First of all I don't care if you give any shitty stupid replies to this just to get your post count up and accuse me of cheating and not paying my bills etc..having said that I am fuking out of here.

    My account was blocked for some unknown reason..of course since I refuse to pay premium K2 will not reply to my CS..I have paid lots of money in the past until I realized K2 is nothing but an ongoing criminal enterprise and I refuse to support that.

    I am probably the most fuking legit person/player around..I have never scammed, cheated, macroed or bug abused, however I have been a victim on many occasions because I'm a trusting hick from Oklahoma. 3 years of my life down the fuking drain..3 years of nothing but hastles from k2 with their bullshit servers and service.

    You know, before this shitty game I knew nothing about Turkey other than that it was a country and something I ate on Thanksgiving, but I have come to believe the whole damn country is a dirty, filthy little hell hole filled with filthy, dirty little beings. I sincerely wish Bush would nuke you out of extistence (really I do). Turks are the cause of ALL problems with this game (YES THEY ARE) and I firmly believe K2 is in collusion with the Internet cafes and the rich little turk boys from the disgusting little country afformentioned, to rip off the rest of use (including the POOR little disgusting turk boys).

    Having said my peace, FUK OFF K2, Turkey, scammers, cheaters, bug abusers and the rest of the assholes who ruined an otherwise great game.

    Peace to my clan, ZinG, the best thing to happen to me in this rotten game. Since I dont make friends in RL easily they have been my best friends of all and the reason I didn't quit this piece of shit game sooner. So my friends:

    Thyss, Yanny, Katdancing, Lorrez, Rogue, Wuzzle, MeSmorex, Ragnoark, Party_a_Noob, Prieststrife and anyone I missed. To you all I bid you peace my friends.


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    Well said. Good Luck IN Real Life.

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    Boomer, Rogue here,

    So sorry man to hear that wank K2 have done that to you, barstards this fuking game has been ruined by a nation of fuktards and wankstains, the easiest thing that k2 could have done but refuses to do is bann turk ip, but k2 are brown nosing pricks,

    man all the best,
    been great playing you, you need to get my msn off one of the others dude stay in touch. Hope your find a good game to play, im sure theres plenty out there, i been over KO now since b4 the fire drake expansion so thinking the makers or world of warcraft deserve my hard earned coins, not these cunt k2network

    all the best m8


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    rofl its sooooooo true about the turks and k2 being really slack on personal support

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    man i am sorry to hear this but never forget the biggest scammer NAS in this and he was not a turk and mostly i have never been scamed by a turk but not everyone is guilty just because u say so i am a turk but do i do all that shit NO so i would think twice when talking about the whole nation.

    GL in RL

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    peace boomer n was nice havin u in clan n goni 2 the arean 2 pratice comboin :P

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    Sorry to hear about that boom. lots of ppl getting banned for no reason by this GMvolcano or something like that.
    Glad to hear u quit this forsaken game tho, i just might do the same thing soon. I can't even get in anymore so whats the point of just clicking a button and hoping to get in.

    Was great to know u.
    Good luck in real life.


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    Gl in rl man.

    one of the stranger bans, kind of like k2 just had to prove they have the biggest e-penis of them all.

    1 by 1 we all end up getting screwed


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