View Poll Results: which bow is the best?

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  • Exc IB / Iron Bow (the gold standard for elite bows)

    8 11.59%
  • Iron Crossbow (looks like a noob+8 bow, will get you kicked from some parties, and if perfect if youre too poor to buy an ib)

    0 0%
  • Horn Crossbow +9, +10 (look like a total noob and pwn in cz, also weapon enchant ++)

    4 5.80%
  • Scorpion Bow (the extra health and sucky dmg are unmatched)

    0 0%
  • Enion Bow (the strength is essential for CZ, the light dmg is also pimp)

    4 5.80%
  • Chitin Bow (extra mana for one archer skill, pimp flame, nice dmg)

    2 2.90%
  • Helenid Crossbow (weapon enchant will make this hit almost like a higher grade ib)

    12 17.39%
  • Eagle Eye (shit looks like it shoots laser beams)

    39 56.52%
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which bow is the best?

This is a discussion on which bow is the best? within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; the eagle's eye bow looks kinda crappy...
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    the eagle's eye bow looks kinda crappy

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    I'm guessing at +8 the eagle and helenid bow have the same AP (130), if this is true then the helenid bow will do more damage because

    1) it can be used w/ weapon enchants
    2) 100 glacier is better than 80 poison elemental damage

    The AP benefits of the helenid are minimal and the resistances, HP/MP, str bonus, and weapon def of the eagle bow will probably give it the edge in pk, but really the choice b/w the two will probably depend more on the rest of your gear.

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    Enion bow +8 sucks. You got ripped off after the MD +8, DV +7, and 11 gb trade. The other trades you did preety good.[/b]

    i wanted an IB 8 but no one would trade me for md8, dv7 and 11gb

    but funny thing is...

    i was offered an ib8 and 10gb for enion8

    considered taking it but the strength is nice to have to max out on pots in dcz...

    md8s and dv7 are merchant items on ares and pretty common...

    never had a +8 bow, let alone a unique with decent attack...126 attack.


    also, i have dual shard 8s which made md8 and dv7 expendable...

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