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buying myko lvl 65 char

This is a discussion on buying myko lvl 65 char within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; i can offer elf metal earring for lvl 65 + char on myko i need someone trust worthy with high ...
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    i can offer elf metal earring for lvl 65 + char on myko i need someone trust worthy with high post counts thanks

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    wrong section

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    in trying to get your lvl 65 u have already done 2 things wrong. First of all u have said u want to get a lvl 65 from myko. In a forum which generally hates myko and thinks there all noobs ( but u also have to take in account that most myko players think the same of usko players). Another thing u have done is offer a "usko" item for a myko acc. Most myko players hate usko so if u even try and post that on a myko forum u will get FLAMED like crazy. What u should do is offer cash for a myko character. U wont be spending much usd since myko is mostly malaysain and there currency is malaysain ringits. RM isnt worth as much as usd so u can prolly buy a lvl 70 rouge for 150 usd on myko. Id say u can fully equip a character in myko with good items for only about 250, i think that can get u a full set of shell +7 dual rols dual emes and like a pp+1 or something . But u have to make sure u buy from a malaysain since because a guy from U.S. will try and get u to buy his items for a higher price.

    p.s.: i want to say this again so ppl wont get the wrong idea. The items are not cheap bcuz the server is duped out. They are cheap bcuz most players go by the currency RM which is worth less then usd. Go to to convert if u need to


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    o ok thank you


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