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cape bug ko'

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    Default cape bug ko'

    remember guys a long while back when we just moved to ko there was this cape bug and a lot of clans lost there capes..well i was in apples of doom (miss that clan) and we lost our cape 3 times..3 times i payed for new capes 300mil i spent on them well i got pissed and wrote an email to bbb in January this year ..guess what people................................

    first ko said stuff you

    now 11 months later i get this

    Complaint Description - Posted 2-9-2006

    i pay to play this game for over one year..i lost my cape 3 times.never got a refund.(capes cost 100mill in game coins to buy)i sell from power up shop from real money to pay for my capes..customer care just never reply and when they do they do nothing except ban the person from playing again..

    Resolution Sought

    i would like a refund for me and my clan of 300 million gold coins ..

    Final Response - Posted 11-20-2006

    I have investigated the account ********** registered to the email address ****@hot, and found it is still active and in good standing. In game gold coin is not worth anything in real money. The only item that can be tied to real money is Knight Cash, no Knight Cash was lost on this account.. In this case I cannot verify that this account did lose any items. I am awarding 300,000 in game gold coin to this character, to resolve any potential misunderstanding or loss, providing a full refund for any potential lost items.

    fuck a slap in the face or what
    :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:

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    u should be happy with your 300k , hahahah

    btw they replyed to me too after like 6 month on the BBB

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    ROFL OWNT 300k xD


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