Discovered Quake damage is affected by MP, and quake hitrate by INT, much like mages novas. Also it bypasses all def accept "magic" resist (hits lev 30's roughly the same as lev 70+, regardless of gear) also breaks combos and cancels skills for roughly 2 secs

By pumping mp to 255 base (char buck ass naked, no added acc, weapon or gear) it averaged 250 damage on any player and 700's on every mob i tested it on. I even tried using a bunch of wood staffs and all the weapons i could carry after puttin 255 in mp with diff elems on them to see if it had any effect thinking game treated it as any other aoe, quake dont seem to take any weapon/elem into effect. appears to be strictly level and MP based.

All in all still pretty useless because it basically leaves a crippled char, maybe a lev 80 would have a better outcome because of the added stat and skill points, i blended all three skill trees to make a semblance of playability but i still dont see any viable method of playing this build effectively