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Change the warrior scream skill

This is a discussion on Change the warrior scream skill within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; it is not true that warrior has to reach higher lvls to be effective, you keep talking about running around ...
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    it is not true that warrior has to reach higher lvls to be effective, you keep talking about running around solo...if u do that you are perfectly even against enemy who is at your lvl and has about same gear as you. and the only thing that can seriously screw up warrior is massive/ can deal with other debuffs

    you say rogue gets spike at lvl 56 and that is true but spike is NOT has cooldown, on the other hand warrior spams his main attack.

    bp gets hellis at lvl 72 and is THE best class for solo pk (debuff/heal/hellis)...but trust me BP is fukked in party pk, party pk=duffs/cures/heals all the time. BP doesnt have enough hp/ac to survive untill next cure/heal from other party members come, so every1 is going on BP first, because duffed BP gets hit 1k+dmg by average 70+ warrior...and the fact that bp is tearing ppl with books can be applied only in arena when you fight with that stupid rule "no scrolls/pots/shockstun/raptor/shells/dick/etc"

    all this said above can not be applied on lvl 80 godly geared ppl, because in that case every class goes far over its own limitations, were talking about normal players here

    and about what you said that scream should be more successfull, i dissagre for a simple fact:

    on lvl 80 warrior would have 3 "stop biatch" skills legcut, scream and shock stun. now shock stun is extremely successful and it stops you from using your skills for 3 seconds. for example, you shock stun rogue he can not minor heal so with 3 very succesfull skills of that kind, other ppl would simply stand no chance warrior would keep them helpless

    and one other thing: i never bitched aboud scream not being successful enough, i bitch about scream being almost 100% successfull for random noobs, but NEVER for me, and not only scream but shockstun too :angry: which leads me to conclusion that these ppl are using some sort of cheat/bug abuse

    for example i am playing on lvl 80 warrior and running in cz and i see a guy in very bad gear. i attack him and hit him about 1200+ with hell blade, and suddenly screamed, guy runs away and looks at me. i come out of scream go at him again, i hit him with shock/stun...and...nothing, he doesnt get affected, and then WHAM screamed again...WTF. guy hits me for like 400 dmg...i come at him again use legcut and scream...ofcourse nothing, and wham...guy screams me again and runs away

    now these are 3 successfull screams on a lvl 80 warrior from a random noob who doesnt get shockstuned/legcut/scream...

    go figure this out and explain it to me, until then i call this cheat/bug abuse

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    I have been playing ko for almost 2 years now and I have always played as a warrior(main character)
    The warrior class has the biggest disadvantage in the game. They can't light feet to run away, they can't 2k heal and they can't gate, they can't cure themselves thus they become sitting ducks until they hit lvl 75. Warrors get the scream skill, which is good when it works, but it rarely works. I think leg cut works more often and that seems like a 20-30% success rate. So here is my proposal.

    Change the scream to a range attack that can hit, stun, and drag a player back to the warrior.(like scorpion in mortal combat). This way there is a chance to catch a rogue running with light feet or a mage that is dropping ice all over you. It could have a range of 10-15 so you can't drag someone across the map, but can get to those who are close. Having a regen time the same as scream keeps it from being spamable.

    Does anyone else think this is a good idea?[/b]
    HAHAAH rly good idea, or not?

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