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Cheeky Turks,, ,now ive Seen it all

This is a discussion on Cheeky Turks,, ,now ive Seen it all within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Well ,, after a Crap night,,, i couldnt Farm becasue of Kospers in walls,, , ,So i log in as ...
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    Default Cheeky Turks,, ,now ive Seen it all

    Well ,, after a Crap night,,, i couldnt Farm becasue of Kospers in walls,, , ,So i log in as mage ,, then ther 200 Kosp in CZ 5 kospers in fromt of EMC ???/

    WTF is going on ,,, ,, but what ,, made my day was the Fuckn Cheeky Turks ,, i logged on,, adn went AFk ,, and came back with 30 PM saying,, Clan Pls ,, allie pls blah blah ,, (Not one in English) <_< ,, then i was sitting with friends when we Noticed DaydreamersExoDuS1 clan ,, WTF ,, 1 saw 1 ,, then i saw 2,,3,,4,5, members ,, i too ka screeniw,, but it wa a crap one,, i thought i took one with like 6 of the Pricks standing next to me asking,,, We allie,,, Allie Us now Pls <_< So,, ,,, it looked like the Idiots Made a Clan becasue i didnt Clan them ,, and Thus,, thinking i Allie them becasue they Daydreamer

    I base this Clan with Friends ,, not on Numbers ect ,, i rejected player that wher level 74 ect ,,,,Whats the Point if they cant speak English well,,, adn even if they do,, i dont realy want them,, becasue it casues Friction within clan member

    Anyway,, if you see these Noobs ,, abuse the Crap out of them...i think they Spealt it funny like DayDrEameRsExoDus1 or Something

    P.S srry for Spelling,,, its late in mornign,, i have no Smokes left and a Littel Pissed of at the Turks AND the No Gm support

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    Go to sleep mondy and /uninstall_ko

    it will never change. Come Wow and take Carmen with you

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    wow = shit + expensive xD

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    so whts new ?


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