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Clan Cont Points And Disbanning

This is a discussion on Clan Cont Points And Disbanning within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; I hate the new np system fuck k2...
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    I hate the new np system fuck k2

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    Wow, u must play with ppl that have a lot of nps :blink: :lol:

    On a serious note.. Lets say u spent a couple months gathering money to buy a new lovely car, and u finally have just enough money to buy it, but u spent it anyway without considering about the budget. Shortly after u reaslised u need to pay for ur monthly house fee or whatever, but u cant since u spent them all, so u have to resell ur new car for lower price to pay for the fee.
    My point is, u dont just go out and buy the next grade, or ur clan's dream cape when u just reached the amount, without having any points to spare. Sure u cant know if ppl leave, but at least calculate the scenario so if the "members-that-might-leave" leaves one day, u still have enough nps to keep it up running. This system really shows which clan is the strongest or most stable one, the stable one keeps their grade and being on the top, the clan with clan jumpers get knocked down on the grade AND rank, not like the old training knight system, ask someone to boost ur clan > do knight quest > np booster quit_clan > woohoo we still knight!!!!11 \o/
    So yes, the system is to protect the members, if the members feels their clan leader is not doing good enough, he can take his effort with him. The donation encourage members to stay, and the takeaway system encourage CL to keep their members somehow, about how, dont ask me...[/b]
    I got no idea what your talking about with the whole car thing, what a horrible example.

    However, what you fail to realize is that the new clan np "bug" is just that, new. Many old clans and newer clans and its players get hurt by it and have been hurt by it. In your "perfect" clan world yes this system can work, and if you actually read all the posts and words in them about this, I go on to say that the best thing is for the core members to donate the majority of the np, and then add enough to cushion. Most people do not stay in the same clan forever but now if they leave, the lose a ton of NP or if it gets bugged, or people quit u can lose a ton of NP at a whime. And you say it makes theclan leader have to act in a certain way, not necessarily because now u have people who really don't want to be in the clan only staying because they don't want to lose their donated np, people should also have a choice but it shouldn't effect everyone else so negatively. You also fail in your arguement by saying this protects the clannies, when in fact they are the ones most hurt by this new bug. You really think it's easy to keep a clan together with the same people, forever with no problems? Your arguement is Eutopian and extremely narrowminded. You shouldn't be asseseed the np u already donated to he clan and then when you rejoin that clan or another have to make another mil just to donate for G1 again etc. You are welcome to have ur own opinion but I think your logic is faulty, sorry.

    I personally agree with the majority of others here and say this "bug" sucks.

    Another example of how these bugs hurt is recall a couple of years ago when the whole cape system bugged? No clan could keep it's capes at all, and that created a mess all on it's own. This one is worse, because at any min, each clannie can lose 500k-1mil np which is what most clan members have donated if there clan is G1.

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    thats why nps are so important now

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