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Class Action Law Suit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a discussion on Class Action Law Suit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; a class action stupid suit HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEH...
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    a class action stupid suit HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEH

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    Originally posted by camaz0tz
    a stupid-class action *suit HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEH
    corrected, free of charge :P

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    Originally posted by TaDaaa
    I really think the attorney general is interested investigating a company like K2. *Its not like there are many larger computer or software companies in california. *That whole microsoft monopoly thing is over-rated any way. *By all means dont go after the companies that have really screwed us, go after the company that did not stop the KOXP problem fast enough for your lliking!

    This post is funny, lets keep it going!
    Daer ur teh Honor,
    Men Im not know whys u rejeck my suit b4. *I seek justus frm dis dumass cumpny in teh name of Americans n fite terr0ritz in K2. *U dun unnerstan tat Im am need this 2 b gud n not let them git away wit this *hit!!111~! *ATTORNEY GENERAL BILL LOCKYER IZ MY FREND N HE HALP U TOO IF U HALP ME WINZ!!!!!!!!!!!!! *CAN YOU READ THAT?!
    I dun no what u mean by "making a mockery of this court" as I dun maek anyting but a ham sammich, lolz. *Plaese redo my suit n serv teh peeps of Americanian justus n i will vote 4 u in 6 yaers when im 18 so u win, kk?
    Stil ur nig 4evar(plaese lets win lolololz!~!~!!!!!!),
    P.S. *i reely wan 2 win dis.

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