i recently started back playing on an old account i have on Diez..i bought a few $40 Knight Cash refills to buy some PUS items to sell to gear up my char..then like 2 days ago i went to refill my KC & says "unable to process due to security reasons"..i have a verified ClickandBuy account with plenty of money in my account to cover the purchases i made & any more KC i want to buy..teh problem being i was going to wait to buy my EXP premium til i was fully geared & rdy to lvl my char but now i got gear but cant buy my prem..

does anyone know if they will let me buy mor KC once all previous purchases clear or am i screwed on getting anymore KC because i buy to much to soon? i was hoping that in a few days i could make more KC purchases but its been like 2-3 days alrdy & still wont let me..

also tried buying ESN code but they say same thing..wait 48 hours and see if clear..

any insight would be cool..thanks..would suck buy all this gear but cant get EXP prem :S