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comboing with a bp in dlw

This is a discussion on comboing with a bp in dlw within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Originally posted by Felix A better wepon may help, possible think about an Axe as well as a good club. ...
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    Originally posted by Felix
    A better wepon may help, possible think about an Axe as well as a good club.

    When I messed around on a low lvl BP I used 2 of the attacks as I found it a little bit easier to get a combo running rather than timing with the one fast cool down
    "H, s never played bp before."

    Axe = penalty, wether you're lvl 1 or 70 ... a club's the only thing you can use before lvl 60 master. So, get a large hacker, totamic club, impact, or whatever you can get into your paws. Comboing on a priest below lvl 62 is easy, basically like a sin, but you've got 2 skills. If I'm right, you've got Hades (depending on what speciality you've got, this is the one which uses 120mp) and Wield (which uses 40mp). Simply use Hades first, then use 4 wields, and repeat the process. I've never used a bp before lvl 55 though, so I'm not sure if you have this skill yet. Using the combo with speed depends on how well you handle the r's between the skills.

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    Well as people have said you can use the standard skill-r-r combo but I recommend doing it with your large attack and the small only. Don't bother with the middle one. It is your choice also to either slide someone or actually tank them. Sliding will allow you to spam the main attack only most of the times (well lag in DLW means that it might not be possible always so be prepared) but then you do not pile up a lot of dmg.

    My mage has like 430AC 1kHP unbuffed and even after malice a BP which slides me can be outpotted. If he tanks me with a fairly good combo it can mean my death. Looking at the rest of your equipment you aint gonna make a big dent on anyone with average and above gear so avoid them. Try to get gob pauldron and pads and +8 on all the rest. Make them really, they wont cost you much to make them. But the weapon, you really have to do something about it if you want to have some fun. People have already suggested some alternatives, check your budget. At least get a LB+7.

    Malice is effective against paper mages and rogues really only, unless you are carrying a LH+7 or better. Parasite will either kill or send everyone running but then again be careful how you use parasite cause if you can not really run up to your target it is wasted. That is why I do not like malice or parasite, usually there is little time for characters which are not pimped to run and start hitting their duffed victim.

    Reverse Life needs 27 points so I do not recomend it although it works very well. I would get a heal at least at 480 to fall back, pot and heal and be back to full life. That should leave you 7 skill points to spend as you wish (assuming you only have 45 in aura which is what you should).

    Remember one thing though - BPs get stunned and slowed very easily so be prepared to use your cure curse skill if you go for 480 heal. I would get actually cure curse no matter what!

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    Originally posted by neofatih+--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(neofatih)</div>
    I think its called Mental_(& something else I cant' remember)
    silver, do you use scrolls with your lvl 50 mage
    and do you kill a lot of people?[/b]

    Yes I use scrolls.

    I am not so much worried about the HP buff. A 1200 instead of 1500 would mean my mage would have 2400HP instead of 2700 and the difference is not that big. But a lvl 50 priests ZC buff is 120 AC much lower than the scroll. My lvl50 paper has 300 AC unbuffed, 600 AC scrolled. An int mage equipped with similarly decent armour has 430 unbuffed therefore 540 buffed with a priest's 120 AC buff. Effectively by not using scrolls u reduce an int mage to a paper mage, (or by using them upgrade a paper to an int). Erida (int mage) gets 730 AC much does a decently equipped FP warrior have if buffed with 120?

    Whatever way you look at it, using scrolls gives you a clear advantage over many players in dlw and, most importantly, puts you at the same lvl as the other nations top chars, which in the final analysis are the ones you are trying to kill. I cant kill Tigan without scrolls. Also consider how expensive the DD and all defensive armours are for paper mages and BPs. With 600 def I dont really need a DD helm against dlw sins (although I would love to have one).

    And finally there is the practical side. I often go to dlw with Erida only, especially in the morning war (like the one we just won muahaha). But even when there is a buffer in party (we have only one in the dlw clan, since no one really wants to be a buffer in dlw) I dont realy want the hassle of waiting for buffs (and wasting the priest's time) everytime I get duffed or I die. I want to be cured or tp'ed and continue fighting instantly.

    Now to whether I kill... I do kill, not sure how much "a lot is". Anything between 20-40 kills I would say and I believe there are players on both sides who kill much more. But ... I can (and do) kill those I want .

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    Originally posted by Magelord1257
    I'd say that you should be main buff, and all the rest into duff, so you use hp pots instead of heal. This is if you go solo though.
    If you are in a party, heal might be more useful than duff.

    p.s. Mental Anguish, what is your DLW character called?
    Was mental_cruelty now I think he plays BBJack but I might be mistaken.

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