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ControlMinor lame

This is a discussion on ControlMinor lame within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; just because ares has alot of skilled players doesnt make you skilled so please shut the fuck up with the ...
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    just because ares has alot of skilled players doesnt make you skilled so please shut the fuck up with the ego of yours thinking just cause you play ares makes you the best pker here, i dont have very good gear but if you find yourself a lvl 62 sin on diez ill 1v1 you k? untill then stfu and stop flaming

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    tuna, didnt you hate people who used cntrl minor or who had 2 minor heals on their skillbar

    and nogrenator i would gladly give one of them my character to 1vs1 you : O

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    Originally posted by lutz+--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(lutz)</div>
    Originally posted by TunaFishyMe+--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(TunaFishyMe)

    ctrl minor heal is not the only way to do fast minor healing. *I use two minor heal and its pretty fast. Its hard to control, mana is hard to keep up. *and its a lot harder to combo. *It takes skill, its not easy at all.

    you dont have skill untill you can stay alive with one minor heal so please stfu ty.

    Anyone who thinks there is skill to speeding up your minor heal by use of more than one icon or using ctrl is full of shit.
    you dont have skill until you can kill a lvl 70 warrior with only 1 hp pot. Who the hell are you do determine what skill is? Go try it out and see how difficult it is. If i practice it and perfect it, why shouldnt I use it? so please stfu ty.[/b]
    Because they're on Ares, and of course, they HAVE to be SO much more skilled, right? Because they're on ARES.


    :lol: :lol: :lol:[/b][/quote]

    Hey. Don`t generalise. Im not a sin, nor am i a buck toothed yokel. However i do play on Ares.
    The biggest skill requirement on Ares is how big your pie hole is, and how far you can push it.

    I just watched 2 noob archers doing crimson wings whilst running around, i see the inn hostess being shot up i go to repot etc etc. But no, minor heal is the biggest problem in KO isn`t it <_<

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    Originally posted by TunaFishyMe
    lol whats funny is that you actually believe that ares is the best and most skilled server exactly like 00000. *Its like you all eat from the same shit bowl. *Whats funny is that you talk all this shit without even pking on diez at all. *O yea, we won the interserver war, therefore everyone in diez is utter shit. *yea i fucked your sister therefore i assraped your mother as well ^_^.
    I dunno about diez xigenon and cypher , but i played beramus( played like 2 months lvl 60 100k np) olympia( played 2 month lvl 60 160k np)ares and edana( lvl 62 202k np) and i can say that ares is more skilled server than this ones .

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    A other fix they cod do is so you cant minor heal and move, priest cant use any heal skill when moving.

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    Originally posted by kin+--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(kin)</div>
    Originally posted by lutz@

    it's funny how people complain and demand to fix minor bug such as this when major bug such as clan bug and lvl 60+ in DLW, and speed hacker, just to name a few, is still running around...besides...not like all these complaint will be heard by K2 staff and get fixed...just save your time and go donate some np... :P

    It's funny how newbs like you try looking leet by stealing a sig, but suck horribly at it.

    i didn't steal it...yang gave it to me as it stop spamming and going off topic...[/b]
    Yeah, don't mess with the best. :wub: Lutz needs a grip of reality because Kin is by far the best guy out there. It's funny how people talk before they think.

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    dose this mean ridley is a fag ? ^_^

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    Minor bugg is for gays...

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