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Credit Where Credit's Due

This is a discussion on Credit Where Credit's Due within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; About a week ago, I purchased 4.5k KC with my CC. No problems. I then almost immediately afterwards (about 20mins ...
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    About a week ago, I purchased 4.5k KC with my CC. No problems.

    I then almost immediately afterwards (about 20mins later)
    tried to buy gold premium.
    It didn't say it had declined, but it hadnt applied Gold Premium.
    I tried once more, same thing.

    I check my bank balance the next day.

    2x $24.95 had been taken from my account by KOW.

    yet I had no premium, obviously im pretty annoyed at this so I sent a ticket.
    And I'll cut to the chase...
    5 days later, I got a letter with a Trina in...relogged....35 days gold and this email.

    Hello Josh!

    Thank you for your patience. One Premium was applied to your account with the additional days as compensation. I issued a refund for the second charge of 24.95$. I hope everything works fine now. If you have additional questions please submit a new ticket and I am happy to assist you. I apologize again for all the inconvenience this may have caused. Thank you very much for choosing Knight Online.

    Best Regards,


    Payments Support

    We look forward to hearing from you regarding our service. Should you have any questions or simply feel the need to provide us feedback please do so by accessing the ticket submission page and selecting "Feedback" in the drop down menu.

    I read a lot of really bad stuff about K2 and I know a few people who have experienced a load of hassle and shit off em, but I thought this was worth posting.


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    Hmm almost same problem what i had.
    I tryed it 18 times (gold prem)
    And 2 times (silver prem)
    I can send u some Screen Shots what i said.
    But i got all my money back.
    It took only 2 weeks :S

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    Yes, there are a couple of CS agents who actually seem compitant and care, but getting to one is the problem. Also, when it comes to the actual money coming in, they care the most about that...try to get help with something else and get the standard cut and paste that doesn't even make sense usually.

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    Yup Happen the same thing for me.. But they gave me all my prenium.. I've 159 days of Prenium.. Lol :P With 12 Trina.. With 12 k of KC its crazy I don'T know why but.. That good I dont Complain !

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    Yup same happened to this guy, just send a SS of your bank statement, they give you your money and KC back and like 100 days Gold prem

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    getting refunds on premium for extra charges are the easiest of K2's CS systems to get through

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    I purchased 3 premiums on one of clannie's account. I got charged 3 times, but didnt realize it until my monthly stab came. It was too late then, they wouldn't do anything about it.

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    same thing happened to me bout 3 days ago o.0 i bought gold premium and it didnt say decline or succesful
    but i cheked my CC blanace and it said that i paid for the gold prem like 2 min later after that i bought 2000KC and it worked normally :S i sent in ST but CS still hasnt answerd bak my ST is still opened for bout 2 days now wtf :S

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    k2 dont do mistakes about money issues , its happend to me and i got my money back ( becuse i got charge 2x times for 1 prem , so 1 time i paid 1 time i got the money back ) + the prem.
    Somehow i also got more 1k KC , but actually k2 its good company when they wanna be , but sometimes they dont really care about members , when i report cheaters they tell me to send it by other ways , i understand they ( the people who got the report ) not support about cheaters , but to be honest , its really hard to send / show to the people who use to cheak report? they wanna keep cheaters in game or what?.
    So the point is , k2 care only about money issuse.


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