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CrnaC (62 lvl Kasar Hood)

This is a discussion on CrnaC (62 lvl Kasar Hood) within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; CrnaC development started in April 2005. I play with him almost every day, for more than 1 year. CrnaC have: ...
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    Default CrnaC (62 lvl Kasar Hood)

    CrnaC development started in April 2005.
    I play with him almost every day, for more than 1 year.

    CrnaC have:
    Chitin Helmet +7/12 dex
    Chitin Pauldron +7/12 dex
    Chitin Pads +7/12 dex
    Chitin Boots +7/12 dex
    Chitin Gauntlets +7/12 dex
    Full Plate (def dagger) +25
    Iron Bow +6
    Dual mirage daggers +7/70
    Kekury ring +0
    Kekury ring +2 (maded by Joop)
    rest Juvelry ~ +10 dex
    and plenty of other high class items.

    CrnaC have atack power ~1350, and ~1200 hp.
    CrnaC have ~10 000 national points (mostly maded like asin).

    CrnaC was member of clans:
    - Hajduci for more than 8 months,
    - Silence for more than 4 months.

    CrnaC play like any other player in this game. Making money by himself, and buying cheap things on market, and reselling it for some profit.

    Before ~1 month, Customer Support decide to block him.
    They say: duping.
    They say: account is blocked for permanently.
    They don't say anything more.
    CrnaC knows that is not truth, and all his friends in game knows that is not truth. There is no other way, we MUST believe Customer Support.

    Right in time when CrnaC became that much stronger that he can tank almost every monster boss in game...he must retire.

    CrnaC saw plenty of bad things in game. For this 1 year, there was too many bugs, servers failures, war glitches, rollback's, deleted items (awesome money loss), cheaters, hackers, dupers, babashopers, macroers, lurers...

    CrnaC saw plenty of good things in game. For this 1 year, he make plenty of contacts and friendships with people from different side's of world.
    CrnaC playing, leveling, laugh, cry, celebrate, and regret with plenty of friends.
    CrnaC wanna say last "hello" to: Baba_Guya (aka famous upgrader, aka crazy and nasty barbarian), Sum4din4c, all Vizantia clan (Draaagaan, Vihor_Warrior, Brne, Nessgara, Artemis...), Helm (best student ), Temptation (Branka) and TheSin (I still feel pain for that money I give You for that two mirages +7/70 :P ), GedKalessin (human or orc...u r crazyest barbarian ), Opprimer (one of the best clan lider on Dies server) and all members of Resurrection clan (once ally - always ally (with Silence, ofc)), C4pt4in (best bp), Nerevarine (r u still legend? ), EwylanaL (there is no good warrior with out good priest), Zamerith, EagleGRS, Eths, Clixs, Tailan, Jokinghydra, Halflife, Wagyar (for some important tips and nice partys), ....and of course, all Chech players that I know (and they know me), atm they are part of Chechoslovakian_legion (in first row, my great friend Ewander_CZ (You are great guy! Thx for every smiley that I type (even this one ), then Terorrblade (i'm sorry cause of short friendship ), Parkinson_SF (aka Parki_CZ), Rebaborka...), and of course, many others...hey - thanks! <3

    CrnaC is signing off (at least, no more "Succesfully connected to game, but not on server (error 255)" for him).
    Thank You for everything.
    And Hey...don't be desperate...GAMER'S FIRST!

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    You forgot to add fitzlestick ;(

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    wtf, but it doesn't mean that you quit with your priest, right? Or am I wrong? if so i wish you fkin much money, nice gf's (better to have more in same time) and i can't forgot on luck.

    Cya bro, was pleasure to play with yo :wub:

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    i love how you speak in third person

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    Originally posted by TunaFishyMe
    i love how you speak in third person
    Why I do that all the time?

    Damn....hmmm error code I got myself also for couple days...u sure u are banned?

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    we tried to contact CS, and we tried to contact all we thinks that could help and jet no answer, dam......

    it really sux :wacko:
    CrnaC was most honest player, and I know many players, dupers, cheaters etccc... and CrnaC never did any cheat/dupe/hacke or anything else bad ... and .... he got banned ...


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    Originally posted by wagyar+--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(wagyar)</div>
    i love how you speak in third person
    Why I do that all the time?

    Damn....hmmm error code I got myself also for couple days...u sure u are banned?[/b]
    nothing i just think its cool lol

    good luck, hope you get your account back

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    shit ok i wish u a better luck in real life =)

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    I write to CS, to GM's...I speak with greenster (in game)...
    And finally I got answer from Customer Support:

    Your account is blocked permanently. Please don't send anything more for this issue.

    Problem is too big, and I think that many players don't see it. It is not question of me, it is question of they organisation. You play and play, and they do everything what they want. I'm sure that they are too busy to investigate and explain my "situation". They don't have enough ppl who are working on this kind of stuffs. Because of that, no1 is safe. You can be baned for some rollback (mistake) and You can't communicate with no1 about it. I have only one tip: Don't love your charachters too much - You can stay without them.

    Yes, Terror, I'm still playing with my priest, but just to lvl up. She is on 61 lvl 70% (atm) and I have 11 days premium left on that account. I will play with her until I go to 62 lvl. After that...I think I will stop playing.
    I don't like to play that much with priest (I like rogue :S ). If I don't find any other melle character which I can use...I will prolly stop playing.

    Tnx for wishes. I wish You plenty of fun (in game and in real life also).

    And yes...I forgot Fitzlestick, Hypnos, and plenty of ppl that goes to "dark side" (orcs) and I don't see that much any more...sorry guys if I don't write ur name, I still love u... :wub:

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    Originally posted by wagyar+--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(wagyar)</div>
    Originally posted by TunaFishyMe+--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(TunaFishyMe)
    i love how you speak in third person[/b]
    Why I do that all the time?

    Damn....hmmm error code I got myself also for couple days...u sure u are banned?[/b]

    shouldn't that be...


    i love how you speak in third person
    Why Wagyar does that all the time?

    Damn....hmmm error code Wagyar got himself also for couple days...u sure u are banned?

    CrnaC sad to hear, i hope it sorts itself out mate

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    Hmmm, I just thought to tell u to cut the crap coz I saw u with ur priest in cz today, but u explained.....

    sad indeed m8... I know how long u played and I really doubt u could be guilty of anything banable. By playing this game it really feels like beeing in some corupted country = suckage (I know it, prolly u too )
    U try hard and then u get fucked over for some unexplanable thing plus u get to see how other ppl are DOING crap and are proven guilty and in the end they buy premium and all is forgoten, or they pay GM, or they know GM or they ARE GM... (I will only mention that there are ppl never "proven" guilty )
    Worst thing is that there is nothing u can do about it, just watch. There is no point fighting it and I would like nothing more then to tell u to play with priest or trade it for rogue but that is not the way normal person should act.
    KE is not the only game and games are not only thing in the world and I'm sure u know it beter then I do

    But I doubt u will quit (I never could) and I think I can help u get new char, "we" have lot of those in "retirement", even 60+

    whatever u do, hope seeing u ingame, as they say hope dies last (just like priest )

    btw, thx for caling me good student :wub:

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    Default is too nasty situation.

    I've also heard that You can do everything if u know GM, and we (Baba and me) think that I maybe dupe some chitins with rollback, some "important" guy buy that chitin and make some +7 or maybe even +8 chitin from it, and after some time he lost it. 'Cause he is "important" (read: he know GM), he told to his friend: "look, some guy sell duped chitins +1 - ban him!)...and I'm baned.

    I have much more to is better to read my new topic (that I will make), cause that is better way to say it. People should need to know this things.

    Helm, thx for support.
    P.s. if u have some melle "retirement" is time to make shining knight of him.

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    What else can I say?
    Yes, this is not only game, and yes, this is just game...and I will always play (cause I'm that kind of guy - I like to play) some games.
    I'm just frustrated cause of fact that I spent more than 1 year ( 26.03.2005) of leveling some charachter, and now (cause of bad organisation of K2 company) everything is over. It is quit stupid. But...no1 tell me that at start. People should know this thigs.
    That is very important, cause one of highlights of this game is long_time playing with your charachter.

    On the other side, I saw one guy in Moradon, he was selling (in that moment) 67 Holy Water of Temple (HWT).
    I mean...let's be real...EVERYONE who play this game for some time KNOWS that HWT is drop of CZ boss (as I know Orc Bandit Leader), and I was in party that kill him after ~5 min of fighting (1 asin (hakan_53_tr (at least 1600 ap)) and 1 warrior (I don't remember name, but he have +8 raptor)). 5 min of fighting (it was funny that orcs don't check bowl for 5 min o_O)...and we get 1 Soul.

    ANDDDDDDDD....that guy have 67 Holy Water of Temple.

    And...he sell that for 10 mil, each. On the other side, at least you Helm remember that just couple of months before now, that same HWT cost ~ 10 gold bars (cause its rare item).
    I remember some priest (that I know) cry all day, cause they don't have enough money to buy HWT, and now every1 can buy it for 10 mil. That is not funny...that is stupid.
    And one more thing: Even if we say that this guy wanna resell that item, I will understand that he have 1 or 2 HWT, but he have 67!!!!!
    Even that he don't actually dupe that items...that number of 67 is making him bad person.
    That was before 2-3 can still see HWT on marketplace for ~100 mil. Hey - 2-3 months of not dupe wipe for that item?? - stupid (again).

    And...somebody get block (of his account) and somebody get some money (for selling his duped items ).


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