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CS on pathos, topic 2

This is a discussion on CS on pathos, topic 2 within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; then nidorina will be rewarded personal shield+6 or iron set or w/e but take the fucking shield out of the ...
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    then nidorina will be rewarded personal shield+6 or iron set or w/e but take the fucking shield out of the game and i don't quite agree on that it's gotten fair because nidorina knew that the item wasn't dropped in pathos so it wasn't a legal item in pathos but still paid for it. would be fucked up for him if the shield would go out of the game but letting him have it isn't fair towards the others. best sollution is to take away the CS and replace it with something else that's legal (maybe item of choice, uniques +0 or other items +8 (personal items+6-7))
    what are you trying to say with they're like turks
    that's an assault, you could get a warning for that
    if it would be in one of the members in my clan then you and your whole clan would do even worse than what we're doing and you know that very good
    so who's pathetic here ?
    naah, you don't own the shield m8, you're just a noob that's trying to be cool [/b]

    what's that smell? "sniff" "sniff" smells like jealousy

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    all i'm jealous of atm is my future sin

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    maybe halil doesn't know but i do, i've been to zagreb and i know more than enough croatian people, believe me i'm not afraid of what i saw.
    if you want to make the point that i'm shit don't do it behind your pc.[/b]
    I've been waiting for you to say that ,

    My dear friend if you ever plan to come across Zagreb again, Halil has my msn so just tell me when and I will gladly await for you at the airport.

    Now that you see that you accused Bjorn of buying a CS that was not dropped in Pathos but bought from some Bera or whatever char's, you should have made your fact's straight first before making this topic, now it make's you look stupid

    Since I started playing Pathos that was like this summer-fall I was aware that there was a Chitin Shield on the server, so maksi had it like 3-4 months, I do not see why are u making such dust over something that u probably already know.

    p.s all the Muy Thai fight's i've ever seen all the fighters had they knee cap's , shoulder protectors and helmet's, with the ammount of protection u have there it's safer to be a Thai boxer than a Tennis player :lol:

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    Yea, i'm locking this topic.. again.

    Seems like some people can't discuss stuff on a normal base and have to accuse and threaten eachother, please go do that somewhere else. This is not the place.

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