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No way... Their price is at least 5 gb, and if you saw for 4~3.5 gb, you could make gg resell xD
no way. Just a little over a week ago i paid 4.5 for pauld/pads/gaunts apiece. I have seen the helm for 3.5 same as the boots... only fools pay that much for them. honestly, i didnt and I bought mine from the biggest reseller of them all - THING.

@ Grec, Nem hasnt played in a long time, he attempted a comeback a few months ago that was short lived. Liss was sharing a mage account human side, but dunno what he's doing these days. I see him logged in at our forums from time to time though, if u can remember ur pw and stuff come on over. Still same forums - hellsfury.tk. Martikos has Nemesis's msn and recently talked with him probably about gae stuff though...