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Cypher Ring // Character Seal Scroll Issue

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    Default Cypher Ring // Character Seal Scroll Issue

    Hey Guys,

    So I've been trying to seal my character and it keeps saying: 'character seal failed'.

    I've searched all the topics on cypher rings in ko4life and followed all their instructions to a T and it still has the same issue (ie. Using moradon inn or EMC inn).

    I do have a personal dagger +6 bound to my character - would this be the issue and would I need to unbind it in order for the CR to work? I made sure when I tried to use the cypher ring to place the pd +6 in the bottom right of my inventory. I don't want to go and buy unneeded binding scrolls for no reason.

    Has any one else had this same issue? Any help would be awesome.


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    check magic bags...and if thats not it then maybe ur typing wrong seal/unseal code in. Being in a clan doesnt matter, nor if you have open quests.

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    If i remember correctly the personal weapon/shiled needed to be unbinded. My in game friend had this same issue that he couldn't use that cypher ring becouse it just kept failing and only thing he had was personal shield and it was binded so after he did unbind it (was very expensive) everything did work, but like i said im not 100% sure do i remember this right.
    Maby some other players can confirm this if they had the same issue

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