Sence DannyTheMan got hacked yet again, his request was to post this on these forums.
DannyTheMan wrote this....


Ok, 12 days later I'm hacked again. Let's explain:

The begininng
I know my acc details as you do. I then spoke to a guy I know (Chris aka DamnYouSuck, ChrisOwns, Chris Lopez) who is a well known GM butt-beep!. He recently hacked MONSTERKILL (now called AsianPopper), handed out Yun_Yazuhna's info (Pass, ID) and zero's ID (apparently) on all KO forums. Also in the past he hacked Conboy_, KaZaM (or one of his chars) and countless others. So basically I was friends with him and had been before he was a hacking beep!. I asked if he could get my hacked acc back and he goes "sure, if you know secret question and the first email". I provided and whoop account back. It had shard 8 and mirage 8. I then found out my account was bought from a guy on my MSN (lol) from some hacker. I then felt bad as he blew $175 on the shard and I gave it back. This beep! off Chris alot, I think he was gonna beep! me over for it, he then say my MSN name "selling 65 char" refering to my Turkish friends char. He obviously didnt believe and went in a little huff like a 5 year old. He started saying he didnt get me it back so I could sell and give items away, blah blah blah. He takes back (changes pass, email) and clan tell me to stop cursing out Turks. He didnt realise I didnt trust the beep! and moved all my items every night before I logged off. He took the account and supposidly gave it back but I asked Tau and he said he aint got it. So he either sold it or kept it.

In short, I trusted a well known hacker and he beep! me (kinda, since I still got items). I am going to give a little warning now I have left KO

If you have bought an account with the ID of:

You better sell as in 5 days I am charging back the account. The ingame name is BiKoL and is a 65 rouge.

If you wanna shout abuse at Chris feel free, his MSN:

[email protected]

Emails are:

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

He also beep! every account of mine with my secret question, my name, address. So make sure he dont know your name Plz spam the MSN

I also quit KO and gave all my items away, cya all

PS can someone copy this to vGO, ranking's forum, and ko4life?