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DDoS attacks and Turkey IP Ban

This is a discussion on DDoS attacks and Turkey IP Ban within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Devile can unlock it if he wants but no point to this....
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    Devile can unlock it if he wants but no point to this.

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    Originally posted by Nomadia
    i've never seen so much racism in my life...and i'm from the southern united states....theres a much bigger world out there people.....your act like this makes your no better than the turks you hate....i would defend a country with 1 good person in it no matter how many are bad.....grow the fuk up people....if you have nothing but racism to say than don't say anything at all....IP ban me to....i rather be in the same boat as the 10% of good turks here than stuck with the 85% of racist americans (5% of you are ok )
    Its about security as well - i know theres good turks, i know theres bad turks, i like a few turks, but why would 100% of the forum suffer from these attacks causing us downtime?? Unfortunate that a few stupid turkies have started to cause trouble because they think people on this forum are racist.

    WE ARE NOT RACIST. Maybe we generalise but thats not racism. Racism is hating the whole nation, we know theres nice turks like majeste, otto, hussy etc... the fact is though that the forum is getting attacked by people from turkey. Simple answer ban the IP range and hopefully they will stop and leave us alone.

    I feel sorry for the innocent forum members affected by this.

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    See, theres the problem. Turks take it to the max once everything is out in the open. And thats not your solution. There's no Racism. You've pissed us off to the point where WE COULD CARE LESS. Saying "I fuck Allah" is just a way to get them to stfu. Stop being morons and the rest of the world will start seeing you guys as just another member of the community. I dont care WHO comes to this forum. Just dont be an idiot! It's plain and simple. I get along with alot of people, but for those I dont, they know they just need to go away. Why? Because I dont tolerate it. Nor will I. It's not hard to be "Normal" on a forum.

    What really needs to happen is the people who know who are hacking. DO SOMETHING. I've had turkish members give information about such people. Guess what? We did something about it. You guys have little to no morals about it. You could care less what happends. You're destroying what little is left. You guys actually have fun playing a game with edited chars? Duped +10 armors? Weapons? Cmon, wheres the fun? It'd be like 1 big private server. All level 80's with 1337 gear. What fun is that?

    Something can be done, yet, you sit back and watch. If I could singlehandedly do it myself. I would. But I dont have the time, patience, or care to do so anymore. It's just seemed like a battle I cant win. So, I gave up. I'm going to laugh once this game is so messed up to the point it cant be brought back. Yet, nobody has the balls to step up and do anything.

    But if you wanna spam forums Check out KOR. :lol: Leave us be. We dont want the bullshit anymore. We can solve our problems here. Though like I said, it sucks it had to be this way. I give a sad Sorry to any "good guns" who wont be visiting us.

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