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decided to finally do something with my life

This is a discussion on decided to finally do something with my life within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; well, i uninstalled ko today, i realized that this game is nothing to me anymore because all of my good ...
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    well, i uninstalled ko today, i realized that this game is nothing to me anymore because all of my good friends have quit, and there is no point in playing since the cheats and corruption have gone way to far. this game use to be fun when there were no cheats, when people didnt bug abuse and didnt screw each other over for money. greed can only go so far. i started to play this game back in 2004 in april, where i met alot of cool people from carnage, chup helped me level up alot and was a trustworthy guy, along with john and blueadept. then i joined 8ball, it was fun there, after 8ball disbanded it all went down hill. i tried to compile a list of friends that i have made over the years, hope i didnt forget anyone

    blueadept - you were always a nice guy to us, leading in the wars and such, good loyal clan member.
    dr4g0n - you had a good sense of humor
    la_cosa - i could trust you with anything
    chup - thanks for letting me use ur cleavers +6

    dark - slm
    intensive - you never came orc
    dreadslayer - fucking douche bag scammer
    tempests - you were a crazy good party warrior and solo
    babybash - never really got to know you, but your white
    majix - great mage to pk with
    phantom - good guy, very trustworthy
    nslought: - gogo 70
    thinktwice - or once?
    (i am sure there are more, but i just cant remember)

    rayne_of_death - amazing person to talk to
    hypn0s - great party pk warrior and 1vs1, sad to see you quit so early
    mee: - thanks for everything
    desi - one of the best priests on diez
    pizzaandcoffee - funny guy
    devile - you own in cs
    wextor - amazing clan leader and nice guy
    skater308 - u killed me in halo once :X
    red - aga sorry i havent talked to you for so long
    morg - very nice aussie
    xeph - where has the time gone
    xavier - wtf keylogger? i hope you were kidding baba
    oscar - best BP in diez by far

    dean - good leader and very fair
    priestdro - your heals were always at the right time
    battybat - aga
    vele - good party pk warrior, very smart to know when to come down from hb
    vertigo - very nice person, always had a laugh with
    aqu - lure more apos plz
    peekabooiseeu - omg man u left so fast very nice guy
    stabyoass - man if you kept playing, you would of been better than me at sin
    gforce000 - great guy never got to know you that well though
    hightimez - drunk plz
    wais - you scare me sometimes man
    cleatus - sad you left us aga
    aciddreamz - best farmer, always were richer than anyone i knew

    half life - omg good person
    ewy - lol u can be crazy at times
    nerevarine - i know i never really talked to u that much, but your a very good clan leader and trustworthy

    justnothing - tell waggy to stop singing im trying to talk!
    wagyar - very nice guy and clan leader
    chusco - great party pk sin and very nice guy
    onslought - nice person who is loyal to clannies
    patriciorey - nice guy

    kinshi- is n00b
    paradigm - thanks for helping me use your warrior when i got hacked aga
    karpsu - ill help u with your account anytime, very sorry i got him banned
    greygoose - u will be the best sin in diez someday

    ko4life friends
    fattysin - omg halo owns
    schrotti - n000000000000b german
    cocaine - i dont jack off to much!
    tez - your a good clan leader and gratz on glowies
    dark_sith - thanks for letting me using your sin
    aba - your a good clan leader man
    richard II - funny guy who knows whats best for his clan
    turbanator - crimson looking mother fucker
    hatchett - calm down!
    lutz - bad hosting detected, cant find comment
    felix - your a nice guy and good leader
    festo - u banned me from vent, now i must hax u
    paddy - although we never really agreed on the same things, your a nice guy to your friends
    apophis - wonder what happened to u man
    arcy - i remember u screaming "HELLO TURKIES!"
    captain - u kicked my ass in 1vs1
    goofy - slm aga
    camaslutz - community asshole at its best
    tunafishyme - WR COMBO IS BETTER!
    th3gam3 - slm agababaslmagasagagagalalsmslsmamgma
    misscaro - i swear i never meant to insult you
    youaremyonlyone - one of the best sins in diez
    ikoria - best mage in diez by far
    basil - how can i forget basil? i think u need to calm down
    jewsus - where you been man?
    morax - you were always better at raiding than i was
    havvk - you killed me in 1vs1 to bad we never got to again
    owa - your a damn good sin baba
    painter - i agree with you on alot of thingsnice guy
    sir_locksley - how goes lineage ?
    triplyorgy4life - your a very good friend, and i know your not a scammer
    barbika - i remember when i first saw u, i didnt attack u, and u killed me in 1 judgement
    mario - nice guy, always knows what he is talking about
    ali1989 - although some people think and know you sold duped items, your a nice person
    wolfi -
    zaffers - good clan leader on logos
    :G: - thank you for trusting me with ur char :x but i cant xp anymore
    giga - never really got to know you, but u seemed cool
    guachimega - slm sexyguacho
    meatmaster - you have gotten so much better than when i remember u, nice talking to u

    i know i might of forgot some people but its late for me, and i dont have anymore time. i am joining the army in the fall this year because i needed to do something with my life instead of do nothing. you have made an experience in my life that was rather enjoyable, ill keep posting on the forums once in a while but dont expect to find me anywhere. wish all of u the best of luck in whatever u do in the rest of ur lives, ko was a great game, but my time has come and i uninstalled every screenshot and every thing i had of the game. goodbye

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    army eh?...aint worth it :P go to a community college and ull be doin more with ur life than u would at the army imo or at least wait til bush otuta office before u join the army xD

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    Well I personally don't hold any grudge against anyone for the account. :P

    A decision well-made though. Have a blast in real life and don't start playing WoW or other shitz.

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    Respect for you man, it was fun the few times we pk together, i really admired your style of playing, kinda same of mine and you know that , i bet its the best decition u took, since i stoped playing this game my life is way more funny and better, you will see it.

    at least we recorded something together i hope i will get it ready in 1 more week.


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    sir_locksley - how goes lineage ?[/b]
    hmmm that lasted about 2 weeks lawl... i went back to playing KO in ares again doing DCZ... made a clan called Element at one point was top DCZ clan but then K2 did all the non-prem a1 bullshit where its virtually impossible to get in... (ive never spent a dime on this game and im proud of it ) so i did a little 65 priest some decent gear... was ok and then Pazasco gave me info to his char so ive been playin that for awhile

    yea Lineage didnt go so far lol...

    i pop into ko4life vent from time to time... ussually i sit down in Eric's WoW channel and chat... ill say selam to u aga sometime in vent oke? :P names Robin in vent...

    gl with rl man... sad to see u go... i enjoyed watching ur pk videos hehe... making one myself atm O_O

    bad move deleting the screenshots u got... ur gonna want the memories lol

    dont get yourself killed niggah... wars a dangerous place im told O_O

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    the Air Force is a better decision faaaar...believe me, i've been in for 7 years, and thank god everyday that i didnt join the army...they are the worst...longest deployments to the shittyest places...i spent only 4 months in Iraq...average army spends 18 months...think about it, if u need any info, i'll be glad to hook u up...quality of life ftw!

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    another GG left it was a good 1v1 bro,very gg player

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    Every1GetsAFreeRide won't be the same without you

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    Kanata eh?


    Just keep bouncing Josh... maybe one day I'll know wtf you mean by it

    I swear the army of every country musta put something in this game... people keep quitting to join the army ><

    but yay for vent

    Intense never went orc cause K2 screwed his account when they tried to change his ID for our NT XD

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    Good luck to U. Was a blast playing with and doing what lil pk we did together. I decided to log in for the first time in a month just to see what was happening. Good luck to U in what ever life descisions U make. Now back to WOW

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    lets sc

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    Nice talkign to you a couple of times man....u still need to teach me how to MH combo..but its too late for that now, because i quitted. LOL good luck in the military got a few friends thats in it. Peace and GOOD LUCK
    another person that realize this game gone to shiz.

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    Hiya Undefined

    Remember me? We played L2 togheter once if im not mistaken :P

    You seemed like a cool person, had alot of fun with ya there...

    Take care, and good luck with everything

    Greets Cerenety

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    take care of yourself now baba

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