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1 vs 1 party is maby good enouf for you but that is not even near active in common meaning.
then whats active enough for you?

80+char on each side?

why dnt we all just quit playing our servers and all agree on 1 so we can say its still not active enough for us?

didnt we alrdy have a OLD as thread started saying every1 should quit their server and come Cwest were 75% of the english ppl play?

and OT:
ya if you are alone is destan then its your choice to stay or leave it?

i would leave because xping withut and friend or PK'ing sucks.. unless you have OP gear and can solo pk. fun but still gets boring without any1 to duo or party..
and still your choice to pick new server..

let me kno if you wanna come cwest?
ill xp with ya or somethin?