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Disconnecting issues

This is a discussion on Disconnecting issues within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; LIES! I partied with micha in ED a few days ago! And I only asked her for wolf once, I ...
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    LIES! I partied with micha in ED a few days ago! And I only asked her for wolf once, I think liquid was there too!

    The only problem I noticed with DC's has been after my premium ran out.

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    I've only had DC problems on my sin when I go around lots of people.. NEVER had it before on this computer, CZ is major problem, I usually run in middle of a bunch of orcs to kill a few noobs and run out

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    thats the most complete BS that i've ever heard.

    its the DC problem, it exists, it happens no matter what class u are (i have same DC with mage priest and rogue what can u say about that, its not the char lol).

    i came into conclusion that SP2 is the only reason for it, and im gonna install xp with no SP so i can play peacefully and have some fuking FUN!![/b]

    You don't play archer, why don't u try it and talk to some archer before u talk out of ur ass. Here's a 5 page post with high level archers all explaining how bad it is:

    Last night doing ds no other class dced only myself and another archer, the 2 sins didn't dc once. This is the way it is every single day. I've called Verizon, no problems with my dsl, it's just with KO. When I play warrior, priest or mage it doesn't dc at all. Only with archer. I've just been playing on my priest mostly atm till it gets fixed, because it IS a bug.

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