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Do he has a right to do that?

This is a discussion on Do he has a right to do that? within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; If it was you in my place i bet you would do the same thing, you can say w/e you ...
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    If it was you in my place i bet you would do the same thing, you can say w/e you want but you would prb do it. I think the hb is worth the same $ as the account, i just didnt want the warrior as much cause i dont want to go to the trouble of selling for usd, and since i can use the hb in-game i picked it for my friend to have. he should have talked to me first about it instead of posting this topic, now he made a bad rep for me and no one will buy it from me
    this is going to be my last post on this topic, think what u want of me im tired of arguing with all of you[/b]
    why you keep saying that my post gave you a bad reputation? out of these 4 page you alway has a chance to do the right think and prove yourself is trustable .
    I think "because of this topic i won't able to sell my warrior" is a lame excuse. There are alot of threads about one person claiming the other as a scammer in this forum but as far as i know if he could prove himself people still trust him, and buy from him.

    PS i did spent more than an hour try to ask you to give my items back and you can keep the warrior.

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    ok..gone thru all the lenghty repllies... whynot1 is selffish... he thinks only for himself..since he's got a lv71 priest to play with..might as well put on a hb+7 to it....since his warrior is already in deep shlt (getting scammed, this and that w/e) he's just afraid that if he takes the warrior instead of the hb..he mght get scammed again..... so...hb+7 seems the right choice... but poor unclecracker...didnt even know that the warrior acc was a scammed acc....but now even worst...have to loose his hb+7... from all the replies.... i think you should only take back what is yours....uncle cracker offered to give the warrior back...which he PAYED for... hence loosing that 160usd...

    if u insist on taking whats not yours....u're just worst than a dog...even dogs know which terrority belongs to them...


    IP BAN him PLS

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    i think he is a scammer, take the char back not the items

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