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Do you think this could restore KO?

This is a discussion on Do you think this could restore KO? within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Originally posted by xourico well I do not expect any of this things from k2 atm, so... just play till ...
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    Originally posted by xourico
    well I do not expect any of this things from k2 atm, so... just play till you get hacked 2 or 3 times, lost or items in dupes wipes 3 or 4 times, and then quit this game *<_<

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    Originally posted by Zparda
    To make a Happy KO will be.

    1.- Lvl 70 Max
    2.- Increase Drop Rates like 500% more *
    3.- Kill Morax
    4.- Evoid Duping Method's
    5.- Improve the Secutiry of the Page.(improve or make xD)
    6.- Kill the babashopers
    7.- Rezz morax with 4 stones and kill him again *:wub:
    errrm how many times did u get a 4 stone?

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    The only thing that's going to permanently help KO is to re-write the game, in it's entirety, and fire all current CS/GM's. When re-hiring, give GM's power very slowly.

    GM's leave or get fired, because all too soon they have way too much power. Giving items and monster spawns, even doing CZ events is corrupt.
    GM's job is simple, keep the game clean. Not organize a bunch of boss drops. They could simply write the game to spawn more bosses every now and again. What takes so much skill in spawning a bunch of Kekurikekukaka's?

    XP and drop rates will solve nothing. That's a measure you'd think K2 would have already taken to placate the masses.
    The drop rates increasing would lead to way too many things floating around, which in turn would cause more dupes, accidental or not.
    To ask for more XP is kinda simple and stupid. I mean, it's that much extra XP for everyone, AFTER people who have earned their prestiegious high levels......
    Put it this way, they did it(level), why can't you?

    The only way to fix dupiing is to overhaul the game engine, and replace the item database and all that. Even if they did have the rights, the game is past the beta stage, better to shut down and start a different game, call KO a failure. They make shit tonnes of money the way it is, from all the smartasses that go off about how they buy premium and are better than you because they can log in. A serious player boycott would do well to kick K2 in the ass and get them moving, but won't ever happen, especially with the language barrier.

    Basically, nothing will help KO. You'd have better luck trying to clean up every single Counter-Strike room.

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