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    Sorry for this Dumar. This is my false i didnt think it sorry for this

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    Originally posted by 0000000
    i like the black guy on police academy who does the impressions, and the crazy guy "Zed" from police academy 2, damn that shit is funny.
    +1 actually when i was about 6-7 years old i was in the St Louis airport picking up a cousin with my parents and that guy came up to me and made a bunch of noises..he's fucking awesome :wub:

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    Originally posted by Flam3_Arch3r
    high tower is that big nigga
    jones is the guy with the voices.
    i personally like that guy with the weapons forgot his name ><

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    Originally posted by Doc
    One of the funniest moments of late was when I was looking for a tron spot and I saw dumar face down ass up and when I asked him what happened he said, Quote "It's ok Sir I am only having a little rest" *OMFG I nearly fell off my chair, shit it still makes me smile. *Keep rocking Dumar my good friend and we will light up CZ when we both get 70

    Dumar cheating *funny shit
    Actually Doc one of the funniest moments of PK with Dumar was when we were in the back of Human base killin ppl coming out, i said in Vent for all the archers to use Hide and wait for some more ppl to come out, well the 3 of us archers use hide and are standing there, and i notice Dumar is gone!!! so i think WTF where did dumar go, so i turn around on my screen and Dumar is sitting back near the water on the back side of human base hiding behind a tree!!!!!!!!!!!! i was like OMG he just didnt!!! It was the funniest thing ever and i couldnt stop laughing for like 19 minutes!!!

    But to say my dumar is a cheater is complete bull shit, and then for tank after calling dumar a cheater comes and tries to KS our parties spot at trolls and spends the next 20 minutes verbally abusing the whole party calling them cheaters, dupers and friends of KoM...Looks like somebody has a stick up there ass!!! And if i do recall tank was baba'd out by KoM himself!!!

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    couldent be arsed to read it but im a bug abuser to according to him using stealth in the csw :lol:

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