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The dumb things i notce

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    Default The dumb things i notce

    Dam KOL forum acting all gay on me and wont let me pots and yes
    sigh* it took me this long to notce some of these stuff

    Like OMG
    i see video made by gay turks that right i said it, gay turks making some vids of them how to use KO>>XP programs so stupid.
    also like what the heck is wrong with u K2
    should we all file a class sue act on ur company on ur "Fair play" sologon i swear wtf found a KO>>XP site which i found really sad, its been there since what 2004 and yet u guy tell us not to use, why dont u guy sue them like WTF
    god im so mad :angry: :angry:
    There also the fact of some thing they got rid of yet taking a while to fix
    - Character Select
    - NonPrem DC
    - New* Letter System
    - Etc.
    To sum this all up
    Still some Cheaters,
    Cheater made videos of them cheating
    cheater made video of them how to use the program to cheat
    and best of all K2 so call Americain company is doing nothing about this
    i understand the values of how u guys need capital all company do but
    As for the rest of thing
    sorry if my point didnt make clear, pointless or just un sorted around
    not sure what to say to end this
    Meh anyone eles got stuff to share :lol: ......

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    It...uh... took you this long to figure this out? That speaks volumes...

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    K2 cant stop people making videos...
    and u just realise all the problems with game, KO seems shit now doesnt it?

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    lol well the thing is
    it took me a while to find the
    KOXP sites and notce teh videos cause before i didnt bother to search the whole
    KOXP crap on google lol

    lol sigh* its just simple really gay

    its like what they see ppl making it and that mean they use it right yet they dont stop the main sorce...


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