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Dupe wipe every day !

This is a discussion on Dupe wipe every day ! within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; After every single dupe wipe, prices go up aswell. :wacko: it's happened before where i sold trina 200m one day, ...
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    After every single dupe wipe, prices go up aswell. :wacko:

    it's happened before where i sold trina 200m one day, but because of dupe wipe the next day, it went up to 400m.
    Things are getting so expensive now to what they used to be...
    I'm guessing that in a year, a trina could go up to 20gb. -_-

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    Originally posted by Devile
    To cure a patient u need to cure the disease, not just treat the symptoms. Besides daily wipes will bring other problems cause we are talking about daily restarts.
    When you dont have a cure you are threating the symptoms, and even when you do have a cure you threat the symptons until the full effect of the cure has taken place. Some diseases are easy to remedy, some are hard. Every drug has side effects to some degree. Bottom line is that K2 is not a competent doctor.

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    Sure, minimize the effect of problems is good, but when are we gonna actually FIX the problems and stop patching patches? I only see patches and workarrounds, but never definitive fixes. And if they have a definitive fix, next patch screws it and we are back to where we started.

    These workarrounds usually bring more problems than what they fix. Also, the way dupe wipes are done now, they dont stop all duping so wont minimize much, just make dupers refine their ways. Just to name 1 example, they removed /save to minimize duping and they brought endless and random rollbacks to normal users making them loose items/exp/nps and yet, duping is going on like nothing happened. Actually is even more frequent now cause accidental duping has increased exponentialy.

    No more workarrounds, take 2 months and FIX THE DAMN PROBLEM.

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    daily restarts = mucho bosses

    + depending on the time of restart people in different time zones would complain

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