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Dupers - A Fine Line

This is a discussion on Dupers - A Fine Line within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; ive been haved what now 7 times and if i honestly knew and ill be strat up if i realy ...
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    ive been haved what now 7 times and if i honestly knew and ill be strat up if i realy knew a way to get my shit back dosnt matter how i would but ive rebuilt the old fasion way and its not as hard if u say u need to dupe to get ur stuff back u got a problem there is no way to justifie it by any means but that > devile in side us all is a bitch

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    what the fuck did you just say?

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    Basicly u cant justify duping.
    Ive been hacked alot and thought about doing it but didnt.
    Anyone who says thay need too.Is a noob and most likly never earned it lagit the first time.

    I hope thats esayer for you to read.

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    but ey...everybody games, RL.....everybody does. TO say u dont cheat is a bunch of BS. ...
    Now wait, what? How do you figure this? There ARE people who play the game straight and square you know. (Like me)

    ummm i said games as in plural.....not just this game ^^^^^^ they may not cheat in this game but mayb they cheat in other games.
    I don't cheat in any game, where's the fun in that?
    LIARRRRRR...i know alot of people that played GTA at least cheated when they finished the game!!!!
    K, let me rephrase: I don't cheat in any multiplayer game.

    hmmm ever played chamipions of norrath...i know that u at least used the cheat where ur automatically lvl 20.
    Nope, never heard of it. I've played KO, Lineage2, Everquest (very briefly), and WoW, and I was straight and square in all of em.

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