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This is a discussion on Earrings? within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Originally posted by PatricioRey I used WE+PE PE is good bc not only it gives abit more hp, but u ...
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    Originally posted by PatricioRey
    I used WE+PE
    PE is good bc not only it gives abit more hp, but u also get around 11x mana at 72
    that's what i was about to say, mana. Anything that makes comboing easier comes handy. Plus, the bigger your mana bar the easiest to 1v1.
    I'd go for a WE and a PE, just like as tank priest got WE/SSE

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    Originally posted by SikWitIt187+--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(SikWitIt187)</div>

    and pay up gangs

    You talkin to me?? :unsure:[/b]
    only if u owe gangs which i think willy meant as the priest who is orc something and ur name is chris :lol:

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    Originally posted by sweetpimpmaster
    Is it good to have x2 WE or x1 WE & x1 PE for a warrior? (what dose a WE and PE do again) *
    If you're trying your own custom build SSE+SSE or SSE+PE

    If you're going for a traditional build PE+PE > PE+WE > WE+WE... sorry to all WE lovers, but the PE is superior for warrior, resistances mean shit really <_< but the extra MP you get from PEs is just too valuable... hell I'd pick PE+0 over WE+1 B)

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    all the proffesors here i see!!I ll tell something that is just my opinion,you are rushing a party (partyVSparty) most of the times good partys have a good glacier mage high lvled to slow,think your priest to cure your ass all the times from the ice,just loose of the time and dont tell me that only skelly is ok.Ok Ok masters?
    ohhh yeah PE+PE+IN+IB+2xRocs good luck if you ll not stay iced just for a sec.Its not all the times melee attack this game <_< -_-

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