Try Cypher...mages own it.
If you want to be a good mage on cypher you will need the following....
+4 flame rings or +3 RoFs
+3 GB/IN
+21 rebirth oasis or chaotic staffs
+5 Dual SSE
+21 rebirth chitin shield or dread shield
a set of a mixture of +9 or +10 shells with a spare set incase of acid pots and no duped magic hammers!

If you dont have any of will suck, every mage has them. to not have these items is like pissing into the wind.

on a side note, the best pk i have had in this new war map was 2 priest 1 duff 1 buff, 1 warrior and 5 mages. Made a tad over 5k np in war alone (not invasion).
IMO mages still have their uses and with this new expansion it also brings new possible builds and new the new armors which are a mages new best friend.
Inconclusion.. with every new expansion comes new ways of doing things...mages havnt lost any flexibility, infact i beleive they have gained it. It will just take a lil more time for the general population to catch on and get things going.