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Essential clan - zzzz-

This is a discussion on Essential clan - zzzz- within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Originally Posted by razor well then not "hate", looks like a swearing word to u. what about "dislike"? good? okay ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by razor View Post
    well then not "hate", looks like a swearing word to u.

    what about "dislike"?



    ps: im not human but from what it seems... they are not that popular among the eng speaking community
    Becouse we speak spanish!...well the spanish ppl <3 thas we got so many allys!
    ... 33% of cw (human side) vote for our nominated!
    we help each like in other clan"s that...better not to say!
    Anyways Red got king on Karus site.
    I donnt know how....


    Member of ESSENTIAL clan.

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    bump for spanish clan

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    i am friends with some of them they have alote of nubs in clan but it is not about being the best is it just about the fun u have, and the 1's i talk to are nice and can type good english, i like them they are active and nice ppl that is all it takes to xp and to farm or do what ever, and there are haters every were you go who cares i dont if u have fun then have fun

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