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EUKO and Paypal

This is a discussion on EUKO and Paypal within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Well i wanted to buy some n-points via paypal and it redirected me to some TrustWho site to be middle ...
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    Default EUKO and Paypal

    Well i wanted to buy some n-points via paypal and it redirected me to some TrustWho site to be middle man or something. And on USKO i can use my paypal with no problems.They are on the same website god damn it... WTF?

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    TrustWho is somekind of comppany in US that verifys that you really are the owner. They will call you and ask you some random guestions and after that you will get your KC to USKO.
    They do that only once and after that you can just buy more and more, but if you change bank account they might call again and so on.
    That TrustWho has been there for about 5months, maby more. | Anti-Fraud and payment processing services

    Trust Who ID Verification is a service that verifies your identity with the goal of removing some of the anonymity from online trades and sales. The requirements of Trust Who ID Verification are that you be located in your home town when ordering, that you provide accurate contact information including telephone number and street address, and that you provide a physical form of identification (ID) through which we can verify you.
    That physical ID verification is new to me, but i did send copy of my id to paypal so maby thats why they didnt ask for it.

    These kind of verifications aren't so new thing. About 6 years ago when i did use click and buy service they took 1€ from my bank account and i had to go check how that 1€ was splitted and check the messages what came with those 2 different payments and then send back that information and then i was verificated to click and buy service.
    So just wait for that call and thats it.

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    i usualy use paypal and it works great..

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