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ewanto belong to... scammer

This is a discussion on ewanto belong to... scammer within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; i was stupid that i lost account so easy, but smart enought to get it back, well i lost 2x ...
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    i was stupid that i lost account so easy, but smart enought to get it back, well i lost 2x CE (what werent seale), belt of dex and about 30 gb's, but well, coz of my stupidy.... but account is again on sell trustable ppl this time pls [/b]
    how much do you want for it?

    ... just checking you have learned

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    <div class='quotemain'>
    how stupid can ppl get? whats the big deal about TRANSFERING THE MONEY TO YOUR BANK ACCOUNT INSTANTLY AFTER RECIVING THE PAYMENT?!?!??!?! always worked for me, even if the so called buyer does charge back b4 money arrive in your bank account, u will still recive the money within a few days. PP account just goes negative, and you may happily make a new one![/b]
    +1, just make sure you dont have a credit card binded to your paypal
    why u talkin bullshit guys ? i called PP, well yes u can send money to ur bank account and scamm TEMPORARY paypal, but in some time they will pass this case to police, and u will need to give back money anyway... coz they can aim u, usin ur info u writed when u was makin PP account...

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    Honestly mario didnt ask your opinion, like he said, "im not whining here" which means HE KNOWS WHAT HE DID.
    I love when ppl like last two guys call stupid and retards to the others but i bet, one day or another they will end up getting owned -_-.[/b]
    I was just wondering, i didnt mean to call him a retard

    next time dont make a deal at 5 am, after party, when u r drunk as hell! more fit to this story... i didnt came here for cry, looks like i need to bold important part on my topic for some of you ? Don&#39;t need to call me retard, im smart enought to notice that...[/b]
    I wasnt calling u a retard, it was just an expression bro

    riseagainst ur sig is fucking homo i hope u die :<[/b]
    Nice songs

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    mario i know exactly what you&#39;re saying.. the situation is complete bullshit, and paypal won&#39;t do anything at all.. i can&#39;t tell you how many PP reps i&#39;ve called and they just tell me "we&#39;ll forwad it" and nothing happens.. So i know how frustrated you must be.

    -off topic.. but as much as i hate to admit it, riseagainst i think fob has some decent songs.. although i rarely listen to white music.. i don&#39;t mind some of their hitz.. haha and they&#39;re on tour with paul wall & featuring kanye west; so they aren&#39;t that anti-hip hop/rap

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