SpinalTap Posted Today, 10:59 PM
You don't even need friends to hit up the 72xp bug nowadays...it will rape your RAM, but newer versions of cheat progs allow the opening of more than one instance of KO, or even logging more than one account from the same account ID. With this you could be the loneliest person in the world and still be getting 72x xp.

xtrap does the job it was designed for(although lately very shitily since they patched it for vista(only 3 months late)), but apparently it is really easy to bypass, along w/ the launcher itself.

Turkish friend of mine translated the hacked koxp.net site, it doesn't say that anyone will be arrested (they tried banning ko in some turkish cities but failed), just that whoever uses koxp will get hacked. It also says some BS about affecting the governments economy, creators of koxp have no souls and are only in it for the money etc etc[/b]
did i tell you baba i talked to was drunk ? :P