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[Explanation] Stolen accounts and no GMs

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    Default [Explanation] Stolen accounts and no GMs

    GMs: K2 Network redirect GMs and the team of Administration in the implementation of a new game called War Rock for this reason all Knight Empire Servers don't have GM.

    Stolen Accounts: K2 Network doesn't have employees to act in security area so they depend on the players' contribution like Duwolfy.

    Respect: K2 Network has unable to coming in publish and assume that many accounts were stolen and responsibility for the happened is of them, or better irresponsibility and or apologize for the inconvenience caused to their customers, the important is the image of the company not to be harmed.

    Customer Support: don't to cry, don't to insist, they won't assist you because they took a intensive course anti-scammer, and their criteria are very paranoid, it will be very difficult you as player to prove that you are honest.

    Industry of accounts and items: In the past what motivated the hackers to steal items from accounts was to help the friend or to himself in the game even some clan, today exists a Industry of sale and purchase items and accounts in the forums everything negotiated in dollar the situation is under of control that still feeds more the interests to break of security of the servers and internet service of the company K2 Network, therefore if you buy something in dollar you are motivating the thief and one day you will be stolen, don't buy anything in dollar.

    If you have some groundless point of view like me and want to waste your time discussing the sense of the life you are welcome

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    I happen to know some ppl earning a lotta bills, and still going on ><

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    LOL so true... nothing more to add

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    I had a quick look at that I think CS:S is better. Or Bf2. Or just about everything game you can name.

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    k2 network cannot handle one single game (usko), now they're tryin to make new profits on new games hehe.. it's kindda pathetic to see a company which is afraid of loosing it's customers

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    lol they keep screwing over customers all the time, u think they are afraid?

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    Kanata eh?


    Originally posted by priestish
    I had a quick look at that *I think CS:S is better. *Or Bf2. Or just about everything game you can name.
    Warrock is a fun game, from the time I did play CS, I enjoy Warrock more

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    I think some1 should press charges against K2 for a lotta things that's been going on. Maybe that's the way it should be


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