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Fantasy Tennis

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    Hello, I'm Ismael and I have discovered a kinda nice tennis mmo for when servers are down on KO or something..

    GAME NAME: Fantasy Tennis
    Shot at 2007-07-24

    GAMEPLAY-VID: (I did not make this video);

    Open Beta has ended now so you can now play 4 real

    Other Info:
    Basically you can choose a player and play some nice tennis with it, at the beginning there is a tuturial that tells you everything you need to know about controls and stuff(wich is pointless cause only things you need to know = A is lob , S is normal shot, arrow-down S is slice , if some1 lobs run to a circle and press S or A for smash).
    You start out with a training racket, when you have enough money you can buy a ''normal'' racket wich has a special on it(just hit much and watch left-under corner)when you have special you can hit space, you have various specials like a defensive special or offensive (in the vids too).
    If your board with playing tennis you can also decorate your house or you can go to a chat room to chat and/or fish for some easy earned money or you can also knock against the tree for apples(lol xD).

    playing modes:

    there are 2 playing modes; BASIC (with normal rules tennis-play) and BATTLE (you have about 250 hp at the beginning and you can have items and such wich are displayed as diamonds or something on the court wich you can kill your opponent with, ofcourse you can play doubles too and you can make/join a ''club'' (clan) you
    can make a club if you have at least 5000 GOLD.

    lvling to like lvl 9 goes very quickly, there is a friend system too so it's extra fun to level with your friends!

    SHOP: you can buy various cool looking items wich will make you faster,stronger or give you new specials or just let you look cool

    Well this the first time i write such a thing I hope it helps you abit,


    P.S DUSAN [email protected]@@@@@@@@@@[email protected]@[email protected][email protected][email protected]@

    if you have any questions pm me or e-mail me (not sure if I'm allowed but it's [email protected]).

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    BUMP please play too :P


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