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Find the lost coins... (Diez)

This is a discussion on Find the lost coins... (Diez) within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; And yes i would agree to prices go down but its unfair for ppl that sold +7s for 500-600m before ...
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    And yes i would agree to prices go down but its unfair for ppl that sold +7s for 500-600m before some months to buy uniques for same prices at that time

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    I feel so rych atm... cuz of some leet drops I got lately im standing on 330m ~

    B> Rogue DD

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    Theres really not much that you can do other than farm money the old fashioned way.I kept a fair bit stashed away becuase i could see it coming.Its only 1.5 bil but it should last a while. With the drop rate the way it was i could see a lot of people burning valuable items without worry and people just randomly spending cash without consideration. I figured K2 would eventually do somethign to balance it out. I sometimes think even the anvil success rate was dropped because of my burns, but ive always sucked on it anyways so wasnt sure.
    As for good items being sold on merchant for cheap prices. I myself wont buy them a lot of times because my mind is trained to scream DUPED!!!! if i see something great vendored for a cheap price.I will wait for dupewipe as well before i spend any cash on something nice i need.
    All you can do is take it oldstyle and farm for your pots and the cash you need. I personally dont think its so hard.

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    Originally posted by JimXrOx+--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(JimXrOx)</div>
    I have around 260 gb's on few accounts *:mellow:
    damn.. u stole my 159 gbs? fark you gay -.-[/b]
    gyft pls :wub:

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    that usd>pus>scrolls>money>items is what kept the market alive! it kept the money flow goin and made sure items were kept within the market etc that people sell everything for straight USD who needs to circulate money through the market? those that dont buy for USD get screwed cuz they cant find anything in game anymore cuz people no longer buy PUS then sell those ig to buy ig
    Cama you are spot on, what you said is what I initially did. However the first dupe wipe that came along wiped out 90% of the items I bought, from that point on I swore I would never spend real money to buy kc, to buy scrolls, to sell, to buy items. Why because KO didnt give a rats they were unsympathetic and unwilling to compensate, thats money down the drain. At least if I was to spend that same amount of money buying items off reliable sources then the items are legit and my money wasnt wasted. K2 brought this on themselves as countless people have said

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