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This is a discussion on FIRE DRAKE QUESTs within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; thats a lot of xp lol...
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    SOMEONE post this here on ko4life and sticky it ...................

    by the by how much is that in total over 200mil xp :SS

    thats 1 lvl for anyone over 65

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    Imperial Palace Guard Verca:
    Skeleton hunt-20-Royal Guardsman boots
    Paralyzer hunt-30s-Royal Guardsman gauntlets
    Dire wolf hunt-20-Royal Guardsman helmet
    Smirodon hunt-20-Royal Guardsman pads
    Wild smirdon-10-Royal Guardsman pauldron
    Shadow seeker hunt-20-Cleaver +3 and horn xbow +3
    Saber tooth hunt-20-Royal Knight gauntlets
    Skeleton warrior hunt-20-Royal Knight helmet
    Skeleton knight hunt-30-Royal Knight pads
    Death Knight hunt-20-Royal Knight pauldron
    Hornet hunt-250-1,640mill xp
    Haunga warrior hunt-240-6,7mill xp
    Ghost warrior hunt-250-4,3mill xp and 10 transformation scrolls
    Hob Goblin hunt-250-7mill xp
    Grey Orc hunt-80-Assasin Ring

    Mercenary Russel:
    Kongau hunt-20-Rogue chitin armor pads +5
    Ape hunt-30-Rogue chitin armor pauldron +5
    Burning skeleton hunt-30-Mirage dagger +3 and Iron xbow +3
    Ash Knight hunt-250-2mill xp
    Haunga hunt-210-3mill xp
    Dragon Tooth Soldier hunt-250-7mill xp
    Dragon Tooth Skeleton-250-7mill xp
    Earring of Legend-80 sheriff-Assasin Earring
    Pendant of Legend-50 Garunas-Mercenary Pendant

    Sentinel Cape:
    Lard orc wipe out-30-Cleaver +5 and Horn xbow +5
    Meganthereon hunt-30-Rogue chitin armor boots +5
    Scholar hunt-10-Rogue chitin armor helmet +5
    Grel hunt-30-Green treasure chest
    Hell hound hunt-250-7,6mill xp
    Goblin bouncer-250-4,8mill xp
    Ring of Legend-60 macairodus-Assasin Ring
    Belt of Legend-50 blood don-Body Belt
    Lich hunt-10-Rogue chitin shell pads +1

    Sentinel Hashan:
    Lamia hunt-250-4,5mill xp
    Uruk Hai hunt-250-4,2mill xp
    Treant hunt-30-weapon and armor def scroll x5
    Ancient hunt-250-4,250mill xp
    Dragon Tooth Skeleton Squad leader hunt-30-5 magic hammers and 3 TSs
    Uruk Blade hunt-250-8,7mill xp
    Deruvish hunt-40-Rogue chitin shell gauntlets +1
    Apostle hunt-40-Rogue chitin shell boots +1
    Troll hunt-20-Rogue chitin shell helmet +1
    Golem hunt-20-Rogue chitin shell pauldron +1

    Ascetic Veda:
    Brahman hunt-250-21mill xp
    Crimson wing hunt-250-20mill xp
    Gargoyle hunt-250-21mill xp
    Apostle of Piercing COld hunt-250-33mill xp
    Apostle of Flames hunt-250-40mill xp
    Doom SOldier hunt-250-19mill xp

    Outpost Captain Elrod:
    Peace of Ronark Land-100 users of opposite nation-20mill xp
    Cursed Monesters hunt-Duke,Bach,Bishop-21mill xp


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