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Fishy Dupe Wipe??

This is a discussion on Fishy Dupe Wipe?? within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; my friend lost his plate dd+6/25 n he had it about 4-5 weeks :S h43r:...
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    my friend lost his plate dd+6/25 n he had it about 4-5 weeks :S h43r:

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    Originally posted by priestish
    are people pretending that they duped, but don't really know how to write a computer programmer and explaining to the rest of us how duping works?
    dunno if thats aimed at me, but i'm not pretending i know how to dupe, i just bought something that is pretty much guaranteed to be a dupe so i can monitor the extent to which k2 are going in their dupe wipes.

    when i log in and see that belt gone i would be happy to think falyet, lord of humans etc are suffering the same with items that matter

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    all my gear still there.. u guys buying dupes lol :P .. i seriously never.. never had any legit item wiped...

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    I lost LEGIT dual shards and i still dont understand why..

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    I realllly would like to see their item database... i think just by looking at it I could at least find a duzen duped items <_< .

    I don't believe in "dupe wipes" since the day I lost an Item that I had for more than a year. I call it... random wipes, and everytime I suspect thats gonna/is happening one I pray so that I won't lose any more stuff from my shitty gear.

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    I don't know how item IDs are handled but I would guess a dupe wipe is a transactSQL stored procedure run at a certain time each day to check for duplicate ids and remove them. There must be a lot of tables to sort through because even in a DB as large as KO's I can't see what is so hard about writing a count statement to find all IDs that exist more than once and wipe them all. Also, since they don't appear to catch every dupe they must be very complicated since it's pretty hard to write a count statement incorrectly, it's a basic function I learned in first year SQL class. :lol:

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    K2 are just stupid people. They cant do anything write. They fuck up my clan and I cant even send a CS ticket to bitch at their stupid ass

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