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Fix for font?

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    I playing on laptop and sometimes on my desk computer which got 17" screen , and i've really problems to see my hp.
    My sight is not even 6.6 and thats i sure , and now ill really have to use glasses to see my hp and my mana.
    Also there is a complications in reading the shout at moradons , i trying to buy items and i'd have problems to see them.
    I hope k2 is about to fix it , or atleast to make another big size of screen , i mean the bigest size is 1024 on 728 if i not wrong , and i do need 800x600 or 640x480 , ofcurse its will make the quality of graphics very low and repulsive but i dont want more problems with my eyes , its just a game , and i dont want a problems with my body.

    Sorry for my English i've some mistakes probably , but i not a English person.

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    New font sucks. Thats the fact of the matter

    End of story, it aint gonna get fixed, so we just gonna have 2 get over it.

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    if u play with a 42" tv screen and u cant see ur hp, then u sir really need glasses since im playing with 19" screen and i can see it nice...[/b]
    I do have glasses, and no the hp/mp is still unreadable as fuck.
    it really depends on the numbers in ur bar.. if its all 111 then its easy.. numbers like 9 and crap, are all squawshed up.. im using 21" monitor , and sometimes i have troubel seeing my hp/mp.

    edit.. just changed my gears.. and now i hae 2499 hp.. and the 4 is SO HARD TO TELL~ it looks like a fcked up 1..[/b]
    My hp has 2 4's in it, and my mp has 1. Can't read it for shit.

    The weird thing, is that JapKO and KOKO's text isn't this bad. It looks the same, but the hp/mp is spaced out more and is a lot more legible than this. Looks more like k2 has fucked yet another thing up.

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    i like this font.

    it only sucks for the hp/mp bars , but for the rest ys nyceeee

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    i got 19" lcd and using 1280*1024 and i cant see hp/mana :s

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    They will probably fix the font,remeber the rofd beta ?Was the same font as this 1 right now,i so i guess/hope they will fix it ;d

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