Updated: Off-Topic

Threads that get derailed with flaming will be moved to off-topic from now on.

Updated: Chronic flaming

I don't know what's with some of you lately but the flaming is getting absolutely ridiculous. Action will be taken against users that post nothing but flames, this isn't some place to shit-talk and throw accusations, go to KO Ranking if you like that sort of environment.

Updated: Users previously banned, non-English posting

If someone was permanently banned from the forums, they are not allowed to participate here anymore. If I catch you quoting or relaying what they said in IRC I'm likely to delete/edit your post as needed. The reason: we don't care what they have to say, they were banned for a reason.

I'd also like to remind everyone that no non english posts are allowed here. If you wish to converse with someone in a non-english language, please use the PM system. I mention this because it seems lately I've been having to remove a number of non-english posts from the public boards. This rule is pretty strictly enforced so please don't make my job harder.

Thank you and have a nice day. B)

Updated: Fire Drake posts


There is a forum for these now. Please don't fill General Chat with them anymore.

Updated: Click & Buy help topics

Please put these in Tech Support, not the General forum. The reasons: Most people in General won't be able to help you anyway and I'm tired of seeing it spammed with C&B topics.

Yes, this forum's great but lately a number of you seem to think that that means you can fill the General forum with all kinds of rubbish. Not while I'm on the job! If your thread is pointless or in the wrong section, it is subject to deletion/moving. Reposting the same thread will likely get you banned, so please don't. If you have a problem with my treatment of your threads, I suggest you PM me so we can chat.

ko4life! B)