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Give Warrior wolf or safety

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    I saw a warrior with 1650+(i can't remember the exact number) and Str build so I'm not going to put doubt in you there. Even though he had pretty much the best gear possible. But 15k hp is really pushing it. And if i'm not mistaken hp is capped at 14k. 2700 hp would be low if you somehow managed to get items that would give you 1.7k ac;x[/b]
    So you get the point then. I don't know about 14k hp cap. I haven't reached that yet. Maybe I could test it and make some undying gear. If that is the case then I could continue to add to STR which would mean more than 3k ap.

    Wow.... imagine that.

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    warriors with lightfeet would be retarded....they already run combo fast would never e able to hit them if they had lightfeet.

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    adding skills to warrior would be ok ONLY if it was added in skill tree thats never used, berserking. If few skills would be added to berserk to even have any meaning to spend points in that tree, then it would be ok, cause warriors would have to sacrifice points from other "common" skill trees.

    but if you put those skills to skill trees that are normaly stacked with points by warriors (att, def and master), then it would make game unbalanced, because warrior would keep his main advantages (high hp/ap/ac) and would add more skills to it.

    make warrior choose skills from all skill trees, and then add new skills

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    cant pass the 14k hp i know that for a fact

    when you get the 14k you just need to improve the ac and atk power!

    but whit so many +9īs around that wont be dific. also...

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