Dear Knight Online community,

As you may already know, Game Cafe Services, Inc. (DBA: eNTiTy Game) was granted by MGame the exclusive right to offer Knight Online to European users. In principle, this means that no-one else is allowed to service the European area, blocking existing users from accessing other servers.

We at Game Cafe Services, Inc. (DBA: eNTiTy Game) believe that player needs and interests should always come first. Being players ourselves, we understand that the amount of time and effort that you have invested in your characters can be immense, and that the friendships formed while playing - with people from across the globe - can be lasting and meaningful. We at Game Cafe Services, Inc. (DBA: eNTiTy Game) will strive to offer the best possible service and support for our European Knight Online community, but do not believe that this should come at the expense of existing Knight Online players. Therefore, in order to honour our commitment to player needs, we have arranged it so that European KO players with existing characters on USKO servers can continue to play there if they wish.

We do, of course, hope to welcome you on our servers some day!