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A goodbye post..

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    damn another GG from diez leaving T_T gl irl

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    log msn sometimes when ur there, ill surely miss u, GL and take care out there!

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    omg i got a line of my own !
    <3 ya ashley , log into msn when u can :wub:

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    Take care and good luck, ty for you kind comments about my clan.

    Paddy prehaps you can write the screen play?

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    wendy :wub:

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    :angry: :angry:

    u know the rest on how i feel about smileys are enough

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    Default Re: A goodbye post..

    Originally posted by Wendolyn
    Well, I have to be at the airport in around 7 and a half more hours from now..

    It's been a fun ride all throughout my time here on Diez.

    First of all, I want to thank Amnralthul and Forsete. The first clan I ever joined in Diez was Aserne. Both great people, and both very good leaders. There were so many people in that clan who were good friends of mine and I'll never forget them. People like Minuska, and TheRabitExtractor, CryptiC, etc;. *

    Then, next in my KO career, me and a few of my friends formed the Zealot clan, and although it only lasted for a few weeks it was very fun. Made lots of friends in that clan that I'll never forget as well. I most definitly was not the best clan leader ever...but it was fun none the less, and we always had a good time. Only clan drop we ever got was a Priest Impact from Atilla. ZzzZZzz.. *:angry: *

    Then onward to the Seraph clan. Once again, lots of people in that clan that will always be my friends, and who I will never be able to forget. People like Battle_Mrs, Panda_Sprite, and who can ever forget TripleOrgy4life. *:lol: Yeah, and as much of a bunch of fags that I think Cava and Vacy are now, maybe I will even miss them a little. Or at least I'll miss the good times that we had.

    And I guess at this time I'd like to give a shout out to all the special orcs in my life.. *:wub: *

    Termidan *:wub: *
    J0hnnyCash :wub:
    Red4eva :wub: :wub:
    Velerefontis :wub:
    Undefined :wub:
    PriestDro :wub:

    GG Orc Clans :

    SickOfItAll - I'm glad I could help you get Grade 1 with the little bit of time that I was an Orc

    OutkasteD - Got a lot of friends in this clan, and you have some really good members. Proud of you all :wub:

    Oblivion - Got a few friends here too...Remember lots of good times raiding you guys and leeroying, even if I did get killed most of the time! *

    AntHillMob - Thanks for always keeping me on my toes in CZ MrPayne is GG rogue and C4pt4in is gg priest. Much respect for you both.

    There wouuld be more..but it seems like alot of my orc friends have NT'd *B) *So there's my shout out to all the orcs, and for those of you who are actually worse players than I am...which is probably 10 orcs, thanks for your NP at times. * *

    Now...for the other humans that I really care about..

    GG Human clans :

    Aserne - I can't say enough about you guys. *:wub: *

    AthamE - I love you guys. StellarGypsy was always friendly to me, and Shai, you're an awesome BP. Plus you have the sexy green capes. *

    NO - Wagyar is my favorite resident drunk of KO. Without his drunk ramblings, I wouldn't be the lady I am today. *:lol: And I'll miss you too Eths :lol: *And one of the best friends I've ever had, justnothing is in NO as well. I'll miss him and the entire New Order clan terribly

    DayDreamers - Soultaker, you're awesome. Like I told you before on MSN, you should be really proud of your clan. All the people I've met have been really respectable and honest, and that means a lot to me. *

    X_Ecutioners - Some of my favorite people to pk with. Darkfrost, you always looked way sexy as mini-warrior with your shells. It was fun talking to you on the phone that one night, even if it was kinda brief :P Love you and your clan.

    Shinigami - Such sexy capes. And I remember such great parties with Zink, and with Greygoose. Two of my favorite people to party with in the entire world. Good luck with everything guys.

    And now...I guess I need to wrap this up and come to my current clan. I love everyone in UK. *

    Divano - You are one of the best friends that I ever have had in this game. Thanks for letting me borrowing your elite Lupus +1 for so long. Good luck with "you know who" * and just remember me everytime you watch a basketball game. *:wub: *

    LuckyDuck - Hmm, what can I say about you? Your build is awesome, and you are truly one of the elite priests in this game. I know you'll be able to take Talos soon. <3 Ya.

    Dan - Thanks for letting me borrow some gear at times. You're a great friend, and maybe I'll come visit you across the pond one day.

    Dismantle - Once again, another good priest. I love ya, and if Shai beats you in 1v1 again, next time blame it on the rice in your keyboard. Everyone will understand because you're one of those crazy asians. *:lol: But really, you're an awesome player, and I always felt safe when you were in the party with me *B) *

    fillipinoguy - I don't think that you play anymore, but you were definitly a gg rogue. You just need to learn that Ashley's swift is more important than ANYTHING else. :P Just kidding, I <3 you, and wish you the best of luck in anything you do.

    Dorcha - Wow, another elite priest..I guess UtopianKnights is just blessed..because I think we have some of the best priests in the game. * So awesome, and maybe one day I'll be like you. * *

    Richard_II - Such a good gun mage, Your ice nova always helped me rack up the NP. And I don't care if you sound like Homer Simpson on TS, you're still very funny, and an awesome guy.

    Richard_2 (Tracey) - You are the bombster priest. You always made sure I got buffs on time. Remember the time whenever we were doing harpies, and Logan kept coming and trying to get us exp'd, and we all took turns killing him? So fun Don't forget about me.

    Rachel - Good luck in everything you do, and I'm sure you're gonna grow up to be a lovely young lady. Don't let little richard boss you around too much you hear? :P

    Jakethesnake13 - How much cooler can your name be? You and I have a lot in common. We both lav cookies You were always such a good friend to me, and I wish the best for you.

    UOwnPrincess - You're a grandmother that plays KO. Enough said. *:wub: *

    AnewEnd - You always make me laugh on MSN. Haven't really got to see you play much on this rogue yet, but I'm sure you're good at everything you do. Thanks for always being such a good friend.

    SirEcho - John, you're an inspiration, and I wish other clans could see how you act. You're constantly putting parties together, and making sure that there is something fun to do every day. You're a great organizer, and a great friend. Thanks for everything that you've done for me.

    Ali1989 - You are the sexiest rogue ever, and I will miss you so much. It was fun being in Z clan with you for a few days, we really made the Z clan roxor <3 you.

    Bartak - Brent, you're such a sweetie. You better beleive that if you were a few years older I would be going after you But just like Dave, you're one of the best friends I've ever had, and it makes me so sad to have to leave you. There are a lot of people who I'm sad about leaving...but you're one of the ones that hurts the most. Good luck in everything you do...and go get 70 this month just for me. You will never know how proud of you I am, and how much I love you

    En1gma - Such a good gun priest with the sexy Australian accent. I haven't seen you in awhile, but hopefully you'll see this one day. I miss you terribly

    The "new" Sybian - Thanks for buying my character. You're a great guy, and thanks for teaching me so much about KO that I never knew. I know you restatted to intelligence priest, but I still hope I'll see *** Sybian has defeated ... *** in CZ if I ever get to log on to a character one day. :P Good luck, and I spent the money that you gave me for my character on a new purse. :lol:

    Saucegene - Another awesome priest, thanks for teaching me so much about Israel, it was definitly fun. Good luck

    And last but not least...... *:lol: *

    Tez - You're a great clan leader, and I don't care what anyone else says about you, you'll always be my friend, even if you do decide to come out of the closet one day. *Nah, just picking, I know you're all man. But anyways, thanks for putting up with me even whenever I decided to go crazy some days. Don't ever forget about me, or I will come up there and beat you with a Maul +9/90. :P But seriously, I really love you, and thanks for all the late-night phone conversations, when I was bored :lub:

    So yeah..I know this is a rather lengthy goodbye, but I wanted to try to make it special to anyone who has affected me in my KO journey. I've traveled all over the world, going to help others, and so far I've been to Greece, Germany, Trinidad, Grenada, Barbados, Mexico, and Canada. I just love visiting all of these different places, and learning the different cultures..and now I'm going to be going on my next trip. For all those that don't know, I'm moving to Capetown, and I should be there around a year, or until the money runs out :P I'm going to be helping some of the children there, especially those in poverty. I'll be helping teach them how to read and write build houses, (Yes, I can get my hands dirty at times, I'm tough, all 115 lbs of me) :P, and to just mainly help some of the children that are there. It'll be tough, but it will most definitly be worth it. *So everyone just think about me, and I want to see all of my friends at level 80, by the time I come back. I may or may not be able to get on MSN...and even if I do get an internet connection, I'm not sure as to how often I will be able to actually get on. *But I love Diez, I feel like it hurts moving away from my KO community than it does to move away from the USA :P, but I know that you'll all be thinking about me, and I'll be thinking about you, and let Wendolyn live in your hearts forever. *:wub: *

    Goodbye for now, my loves, and hope to see you soon. *^_^
    wher am i? oh well good luck

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    Originally posted by Tez/Aja
    :angry: * *:angry: *

    u know the rest on how i feel about smileys are enough
    we know u never liked her xD j/k u goign to miss her like most of us will

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    gl wendoly

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