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Grade 3 Ronark :)

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    Nope as you can see they got the levels and the nps. U can exp in the day and pk like 2 hours or 1 in the nights daily = grade 3 easy.

    Thats what RecognizeThis(FTW) did on manes and look who still has the castle now

    (ill endup in your childish way)
    We Annihilation did not pk alot... only for quest. we exp'd all the time.
    we made our np by war. made a main war party that joined all 3 wars.
    every war we manage to make atleast 10k+ each
    so 10k * 8(party) = 80k
    80k * 3 (wars) = 240k -> that was only at lunar wars... dunno howmuch we made at dark war
    we skipped gr4 and went straight to gr3
    but now we gr2... this weekend we gr1

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    no1 can say who is the best.... at this stage

    annihilation and vampires know eachother from playing pathos... we are all good close friends and will work we together to get the castle,

    i really dont know y there is so muc flaming going on?

    bot vampires and annihilation both have hig lvls and good grade at early stage... its signs of good clan..

    doesnt mean any1 is best....

    Gj annihilation and vampires lets keep it up


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    Yea we in RT didnt exp much also as i said before but we didnt really pk daily just if some people wanted to break up the exping boring time

    Dont worry about grade 1 now.. just exp and farm.. ull need it for csw

    RT didnt have glowy armband till some time.. didnt have glowy armband and had csw... after a while when koxp was taken out of CZ RT started pking and got glowy

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