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To Grid AKA Vishnu (and attn: Illuminati)

This is a discussion on To Grid AKA Vishnu (and attn: Illuminati) within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; anyway, to gnot get off topic...Mordeth judged me as they all did, until I was orc on MK and we ...
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    anyway, to gnot get off topic...Mordeth judged me as they all did, until I was orc on MK and we actually talked once on MSN...I helped him with some in game shit when he needed it (such as losing his CS),
    Sure you did. Then the fairy angels appeared and magic`d all the KOSP`rs away too.
    @Mordeth. C`mon. You know the truth and you still post this shit?

    The only criticism I have to offer, and is in a good way; constructive. Futile, they got plenty of drops and turned them into clan, including a couple ROL's and others...And really, they havent seen all too much back because they're rogues. Don't base your item sharing on what class people are, base it on how much they contribute to clan. Who DESERVES it, not because you're say a warrior who
    [13:09] todd dont want no scrubs (8): plays 1 day a week...Give it to people who help lvl the clan, who turn in MORE drops than others instead of keeping to themselves, those are the people who deserve to get the better drops before others.. But even if you don't believe me, im telling you Sean didn't leave for items...He's been unhappy there for awhile and finally took the leap of leaving, HOPING that you would still be his friends..
    Thats our rules. People seem to like them. And they know well before they are added. How we conduct our clan business is our business. I don`t go around telling you how to lie. I doubt its about items, but, i KNOW Semp`s happy with his gear. As for mordeth, well he always knows where to get better stuff . Its not like he hasn`t been offered stuff in the past.

    All the best.


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    time to lock, life is running out

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    Originally posted by Futile Rhetoric+--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(Futile Rhetoric)</div>
    Explain why I shouldn't lock this.
    Because it's delicious, delicious drama. It's yummy in your tummy![/b]
    +1 :wub:
    when will the drama stop ???
    its not that big of a deal to most
    of us as we see it in our perspective
    and i appoligize for that but u should
    really try and work this out instead of
    fightning each other, or atleast let it go
    aggree on something h43r:

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    I editted my original post to delete the link to the illuminati forum posts as requested by Waz. Its less then I owe you.

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    you guys still on this topic ffs. . .stop beating the horse and send it to zero already DAYUM.

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