well i think everyone who is we need to set a date and time and all make inquerys around the same time and follow the lines of something like

We'd rather not be reply'd to on customer support then bs with automated responses that are not even close to wat are inquerys are related to!

i mean right now im trying to get them to make my char a female with jus 1 nation transfer rather then go orc and get stuck there k2's a pos. anyways first inquery all they say dear michael you may purchase a nation transfer scroll ! and now they say if u do a nation transfer u will remain same "sex" (dun member exactly wat they said) . i mean both of them are fucking retarded .

and i mean calling them now is bull shit the lady who answers will not help me at all she jus tell me to call the real customer support and do a bull shit message that no one ever listens too

but i think its a good idea to get our point across i mean they are automated right pls tell me that there customer support team is that retarded.

the only time it seems i speak with a person of inteligence is when i do through billing and if i keep bugging them im probly gunna get banned