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has any1 else ever been yelled at for what ts they use at darkstones?

This is a discussion on has any1 else ever been yelled at for what ts they use at darkstones? within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; DK > all[/b] lmao even TCs are better than dks...
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    DK > all[/b]
    lmao even TCs are better than dks

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    i was just wondering, does any1 else every get yelled at at darkstones for becoming a " non" thing at ds to "bug" your attacks?


    warriors: MUST BE DK
    priest: MUST BE STONE GOLEM (retarded i hate it, they cast so damn slow)
    rouges: MUST BE KECOONS

    any1 else ever get kicked from a ds party by turkish ppl for not following these "guidelines"

    i dont notice a difference zz i think its dumb[/b]
    U mixed it up, its.... (at least in Xig)

    Warriors Stone Golems and
    Priests DK

    I ve always used burning skelli, DK or uruk (im a warrior), and sometimes using the Uruk i ve got that weird speed bug, but i think its only a visual effect. Anyway, in the last 2 weeks i ve been asked to use Stone Golem ts cos turks says it gives u a faster attack cos of a bug, but i just ignore them and use whatever i want to use, and so far i havent been kicked from their parties, even when some of them had offerered me a new ts to switch to Golem or even some of them got pissed

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    lmao... thats pretty stupid thing...... i mean.. the party bar tells u what class each person is.. then why bother with the specific transformations...

    and its really stupid if they make priests stone golems..... unless they dont mind dying or getting heals/duffs slow........ 99.9% of priests here use death knight or burning skeleton....

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    When I was leveling with Giorgio back at the start of the year we use the PUS trans scrolls so we could use enchants and noah scrolls ect.[/b]

    :huh: I didn't think anyone ever bought these...

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