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Hello, I am calling out to all Knight Online Players

This is a discussion on Hello, I am calling out to all Knight Online Players within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; But i have a great personality[/b] doesn't great personality mean you are fat???? o.0...
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    But i have a great personality[/b]
    doesn't great personality mean you are fat???? o.0

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    You sur should visit some pr0n sites.

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    If KO is your life then i suggest you go jump off the nearest cliff....not to be rude but you have to be some sad mother fucker to admit to 16k+ people on thie forum that KO is your life O.o Maybe you should knock your dad out and slap your mam and tell them your leaving.

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    At least he had the balls to admit to what half you people prolly think aswell. Lay off his back, I know its sad but geez telling a guy to go kill himself is just retarded... You guys obviously got no clue howmany lives a suicide destroys.

    You should try to find some activities pal, I doubt your parents would have anything against you doing some sports etc, and bout the server you should probably go dies or ares but almost everyone is decked out so if thats a problem go ronark.

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    You think your parents will control you for the rest of your life?
    Try WoW or something untill your old enough.

    Best thing would be to go out and get laid though, but if KO is your life, you wouldn't have too much of a chance.
    Yeah, get a hobby.

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    i <3 u flame throw... <-- he&#39;s right
    do diez or ares. this forum is like run by em. if not .. off to ronark u go.
    though best thing is ... get a social life .. ko not exactly healthy nor much of a life.

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    omg Magyk

    Ive not seen u around for a LONG time :P

    Hows it goin?

    I never think i got your msn when we played L2 =([/b]
    Heya :P

    Enjoying archlord. L2 glowyness+ko pkness ftw!!! Gona pm my msn

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    Hmm ,

    Your parents won&#39;t see the difference between KO or WoW right ?

    Just get a part time job .

    What is your age ?

    If you are 15 you can do Newspapers if I&#39;m right.

    From that money you can buy a REAL P2P game.

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    dudes if a guy has social problems bashing him is not the best solution and wont do anything more than ruining him even more than the actual situation he is in atm,even though he doesnt realize it.
    Well u got 2 alternatives:
    Talk to your parents-they must understand that children grow up and start having a private life,they cannot be parents toys forever.Of course every parent wants to have his child along him,but if u trully love some1 u want him to be happy regardless with or without you.Just tell them that u&#39;ve quite grown up abit and u quite need make some friends for the years to come.U may not realize this atm,but u shall see the mental changes u will suffer in the course of the next 2-4 years and u&#39;ll start to have quite some feelings(e.g. love) and u&#39;ll need some friends,without them u&#39;ll eventually cut your wrists which is the total failure in my speciality -_-.

    Second,from what i&#39;ve seen ko4life is infested with ares and diez dudes,korankings infested with xigenon and logos dudes.If i were u i&#39;d go Ronark,even though it&#39;s fucked by koxp atleast not everybody has lvl 70+ and duped items,start a clan there and u may eventually hook up strangers that might proove to be nice ppl and,why not,friends

    U may also change games as Knight Online will be shut down in couple of months u&#39;ll life will sink along with this game.So i suggest go something more long-living such as WoW cuz u may be sure that it wont get closed too soon.Since ur premium user shouldn&#39;t be too hard to play WoW on official servers cuz pirate ones suck

    Imho i&#39;d go for first one

    My 2 cents.Peace!

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