So 4 patches ago ko for me and a lot of other players stopped working. I click the launcher then start and nothing happens. The launcher closes. At that point xingcode should load and the game should start but nothing. I've tried everything you can imagine short of re-installing windows. i know 1 person on official forums said uninstalling one of windows optional updates worked for all his pcs but that was not the case for me. I'm running windows 8.1 x64 bit all drivers are up to date. Uninstalled and re-installed ko multiple times with deleting the registry and trying multiple download location with multiple different browsers. Tried running as admin and running in compatibility mode. Also tried running an another use and everything gave me the same result. I also tried restoring my pc back to a day i was certain i was on ko pking. still did not work. there's been 4 patches sense then and no fix for the people with this problem. customer support has been non existent in this case. on the fence about quitting ko and this is really helping the quit column lol. So is there anybody here that has this problem or hopefully has found a fix to this problem? Any help is greatly appreciated.

PS: I flat refuse to re-install windows so that is not an option for me. Shouldn't have to constantly tweek your pc for a game to work.